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Ultron Foundation: A New Wave in the Cryptocurrency World

Ultron Foundation: Every day, LOTTO token holders are entered into a lottery at random. Each holder of LOTTO tokens has one token taken from them during a rebase, and the remaining tokens are pooled and distributed at random. All it takes to start the lottery happening is a tick of the clock every 24 hours.

One US dollar is equal to 0.000649 LOTTOs. At the moment, the exchange rate on BeInCrypto is 0.000649. Lotto can be exchanged for currencies such as the Sol, Dogecoin, and the ADA. It updated its currency rates on October 06, 2022, at 6:28 UTC. The last 24 hours have seen 1 LOTTO = $-Infinity and $-Infinity = 1 USD reach their highest and lowest points, respectively. The value of one US dollar has moved by 5.777% in the past hour and by 0.0000374988 in the previous twenty-four hours.

To the best knowledge of Ultron Foundation, LOTTO can be traded on only two different cryptocurrency markets. Buy and sell volume for the previous 24 hours shows that Bilaxy’s eth trading pair is the most active market.

Lotto (LOTTO): What Is It? Explain by Ultron Foundation

Lotto is a lottery platform developed specifically for use on the blockchain. Lotto differs from the standard lottery in which participants must purchase a ticket for each drawing. Instead, it emphasizes ease of use by letting participants acquire the token and hold it to be put into the weekly lottery without having to do anything else.

To play the lottery included with the token code, enter LOTTO. Lotto began as an Ethereum event but has since developed into a lottery mechanism and community-backed ERC20 coin.

The lottery is always in session. It asserts that no external factor can prevent it from happening. After the timeout has elapsed, anyone can call the start game() to begin the drawing. Utilizing an oracle service called Provable, the Balance Shift (B-Shift) protocol generates a verifiably fair winner. Following this, all users’ funds are redistributed to the winner.

In a lottery, 90% of the LOTTO goes to the winners, and 10% goes to the person called “startGame” (). This method covers the transportation costs associated with the transaction and serves as an incentive to call the lottery. Splitting LOTTO into numerous accounts, each with enough LOTTO tokens to cover the entry fee, increases a user’s chances of winning the lottery.

Twice weekly, at 8 PM EST on Tuesdays and Fridays, the function startGame() is invoked. Five LOTTO are taken from everyone’s account balances and given away randomly. Participating in the lottery by carrying LOTTO in a wallet gives the owner a chance to win big. 

Live Lotto Price Data

The highest price was for Lotto on February 13, 2021, selling at its all-time high of $0.435.

Since then, 600 days have passed, and the price is currently 0.16% of the maximum.

Lotto now has a live price of $ 0.0019368 per (LOTTO / USD) and a market size of USD 3.87M. USD 0 in 24-hour trading volume. The LOTTO to USD exchange rate is constantly updated. In the past day, lotto has increased by 0%. It has a 2.00B USD circulation supply. 

Ultron Foundation – Guide on How to Buy Lotto (LOTTO)

The Ultron foundation constantly updates the list of cryptocurrencies you can utilize on the Ultron platform. The detailed guide is below if you want to purchase a lotto, which is not currently listed on Ultron. It will demonstrate how to buy a lotto using your Binance account to purchase the base currency while connecting your cryptocurrency wallet to a decentralized exchange (DEX). 

Get a Metamask Wallet Now.

Within the Ethereum network, several crypto wallets are selected; nevertheless, Metamask appears to be the most unified. Any desktop computer with Google Chrome and the wallet Chrome extension installed can use a digital wallet. If you’d like to use your smartphone, you can check the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android to see if the wallet is there. For the official Chrome extension and mobile app, visit the Metamask website. 

Set Up the Metamask

After installing the cryptocurrency wallet’s mobile app or the Google Chrome extension:

  1. Proceed to Step 2 to complete the registration and setup processes.
  2. For help, check out the wallet’s official help center.
  3. Remember to store your seed phrase in a secure location and write down your wallet’s address. You’ll need it in later steps 4 and 6.

Put your money into Ethereum (ETH).

Binance’s Buy & Sell Crypto page is where you may purchase Ethereum after creating a wallet and entering it into your account. If you’re new to Binance and want to learn how to create an account and buy your first cryptocurrency, “Ethereum,” you may start by reading our How to Buy Ethereum article.

Your Ethereum Balance Could Grow at Binance.

Once you’ve purchased any Ether on Binance, you can go to the wallet part of the site and look for it. To withdraw funds, select “withdraw” and fill out the form. Select Ethereum as your network of choice, then input your wallet’s address and the amount you wish to send. When you’re ready to withdraw your Ethereum, just click the button.

Pick a Market That Doesn’t Rely on a Centralized Authority (Dex)

There is a wide variety of DEXs to choose from; all you need to do is make sure it is compatible with the wallet you’ll be using in Step 2. If you are using the Metamask wallet, you can send and receive funds at 1inch. 

Set Up Your LOTTO Wallet

Connect your Metamask wallet to the DEX you plan to use using the address you generated in Step 2. Find a coin you want to trade your Ethereum for. Pick the Lotto coin you want to buy and pay for it using Ethereum.

Find Lotto’s Smart Contract if it doesn’t appear.

If the coin you want isn’t available on the DEX, you can utilize https://etherscan.io to locate the smart contract address. After that, you can paste it into 1inch. Watch for shady dealings, and ensure you have the right address on the contract.

Make a Switch

Click the Swap button once you’ve completed the preceding steps.


The Lotto current price as of 2022, October 06, Thursday, is 0.0006492 USD. Our algorithm for predicting prices suggests that the closing price of lotto might be approximately 0.0006492 USD by tomorrow based on the most recent price fluctuations. Based on previous price data, we forecast that the Lotto price could be 0.005902 USD at the end of 2022. Additionally, it can be 0.006492 USD exactly one year from now.

The Lotto price could fluctuate between 0.0004012 USD and 0.038002 USD throughout the following three years. Our calculations show that the Lotto price will be approximately 0.010504 USD at the end of 2023, but it might reach a height of 0.016995 USD at the end of 2024. By the end of 2025, when we predict the price of lotto soon, we will suddenly discover an astounding value of 0.027498 USD per Lotto.

Cryptocurrency prices are highly unstable and vulnerable to market risk. You should only put money into items whose hazards you fully understand. You should employ the service of an independent financial adviser and take a hard look at your investment track record, current financial situation, investment goals, and risk tolerance before making any investment.

This is not meant to be seen as investment advice. Past results are not indicative of future achievement. The worth of your investment can rise or fall, and you may not get your original investment back. It is solely up to you to make the decision of how to allocate your investments. The Ultron Foundation will not compensate you for any potential losses.