Ultraviewer – The best free Teamviewer alternative

In the era of technology development, everyone works remotely through modern remote control software. And one of the most popular software is UltraViewer which is a perfect free TeamViewer alternative software. Why is UltraViewer trusted? Let’s explore through the article below.

What is UltraViewer?

Ultraviewer is a remote monitoring and management software. This is a free software that has the same features and utilities as Teamviewer software. Using Ultraviewer will help you guide your friends, and partners to do things on the computer quickly and conveniently.

Outstanding features of UltraViewer

UltraViewer is popularly known because of its outstanding features:

  • Support helps you to remotely control the computers of your customers or partners with the Internet.
  • Safe software with more than 40 million downloads worldwide.
  • Free for Personal Use
  • Including a lot of useful features that are simple and easy to use.
  • Using for teaching and supporting online.

UltraViewer is known as a product created by Asian technology experts. This is also considered as one of the fierce competitors with TeamViewer – a remote control software that has been present for a long time in the international market.

With urgent situations, using UltraViewer will help you solve problems and troubles easily and quickly, without wasting time traveling.

UltraViewer – the best free alternative of TeamViewer

When UltraViewer was launched in the market, users often prefer to choose using UltraViewer over TeamViewer because of its outstanding features. The reason that more people choose to use UltraViewer than Teamviewer are:

  • Although UltraViewer and Teamviewer are both free to use, Teamviewer’s customers will often encounter notices asking for payment when this software suspects that users are using the software for non-commercial purposes.
  • Their capacity is different. UltraViewer has a capacity of 1.7Mb for version 6.5 which is considered four times lighter than TeamViewer.
  • UltraViewer has a faster download speed than Teamviewer, making it easy for customers to download this software.
  • UltraViewer supports almost all Windows software.
  • UltraViewer is designed with high stability, minimizing the occurrence of lag, splash and connection loss that cannot be controlled remotely.

How to use Ultraviewer

To monitor a computer remotely, your computer and partner’s computer must have UltraViewer installed. If you or your partner does not install Ultraviewer, you can download it from

Step 1: Open UltraViewer, this software will generate a random ID and Password. You ask your partner to send that ID and Password.

Step 2: You enter that ID and Password into the UltraViewer of your computer. Then press the Connect button.

Waiting a few seconds, the partner’s screen will be displayed on your computer and you can control it with your mouse and keyboard. Your partner can see what you do on their screen. Moreover, you and your partner can chat with each other through UltraViewer’s convenient chat box.

By using UltraViewer, no matter where you are, USA or UK, Japan or South Africa, as long as you have a network connection, you can use it without having to spend too much time.

All the features of the remote desktop software have been integrated and encapsulated in Ultraviewer. Now you don’t have to worry about using an expensive software like TeamViewer with many limitations like limitations of trial, or using a crack version with many potential dangers of viruses built into it.

That’s all the information we have known about Ultraviewer. Now you can see why UltraViewer is rated as the most effective and widely used free Teamviewer alternative software. However, people will have different choices based on their preferences and goals to choose the best remote desktop software for their needs.

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