Ultrasonic Pest Repellers That Work on Mice in Walls

Rodents in the house cause a lot of trouble. They spoil food and furniture, make noise, and leave traces of their vital activity everywhere. And the more of them, the more noticeable the presence. The most dangerous thing is that they are carriers of intractable diseases, and excrement and wool are the strongest allergens. So read to the end to learn how to get rid of mice without delay. Only not everyone can catch and destroy them. A rat and mouse repeller will help. Which is better to buy, we will figure it out together.

How to choose the best mouse repeller: criteria and device rating

We tell you how ultrasonic, electromagnetic and combined repellers differ and help you choose the right device according to the parameters: range, signal volume, and others.

All About Choosing A Mouse Repeller

  • Device types
    • Ultrasonic
    • electromagnetic
    • Combined
  • Selection Criteria
  • Mini-rating Of Devices

Types Of Repellent Devices

The principle of operation for all devices is the same. They create unacceptable conditions for the life of rodents. At the same time, they do not have a mechanical effect on them. Animals do not die, they leave their unfriendly home. There are three types of such devices according to the method of exposure.

  • Ultrasonic

After switching on, the equipment emits ultrasonic waves. Frequencies are chosen to give the animals maximum discomfort. Because they use ultrasound to communicate. The waves emitted by the device disorient them, making it impossible to receive information from relatives. The first few hours after the start of work among the mice, panic flares up. They rush about randomly, trying to find a safe place.

At this stage, users decide that the equipment worked in the opposite direction, that is, it lured the surrounding rodents. But it’s not. After making sure that there is no safe place, rats and mice leave their holes. People do not perceive ultrasound, so the device does not affect them. Depending on the settings, it may affect pets. They become restless and refuse to eat. After switching off, all symptoms disappear.

Advantages Of Ultrasound

  • ultrasonic pest repellers have the possibility of continuous operation. 
  • The absence of toxic substances eliminates the risk of poisoning.
  • Environmental friendliness, safety for living organisms.


Pulses are generated that propagate through electrical wires within the operation of one meter. Radiation adversely affects the nervous system of rodents and some insects. They cannot stay near the source of impulses for a long time, so they leave their homes. Walls and partitions do not delay electromagnetic radiation. It passes inside them, reaches all the voids, and drives out uninvited tenants from there.

Like ultrasound, a weak electromagnetic field does not harm a person. Sometimes pets react to it, after turning off the equipment they calm down.

Advantages Of The Device

  • No toxic substances, complete safety for humans.
  • Large impact area. 
  • Repels rodents and some types of insects.
  • Possibility of continuous operation.
  • Does not interfere with electrical appliances.


The disadvantage of the equipment is binding to the electrical wiring. Well, if it runs along the perimeter of an apartment or house. If this is not possible, part of the premises remains unprotected. 


The equipment uses two principles of operation: it emits ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves. It combines the advantages of both options and mutually offsets their shortcomings. Therefore, it is most often paid attention to in the search for which mouse repeller is the most effective. The device is universal, it can be used for rooms of different sizes. Able to work continuously for a long time. Safe for humans, but sometimes has adverse effects on pets. The main disadvantage is the high price.

Criteria For The Right Choice

In order not to be mistaken, which is better to choose a mouse repeller, you need to consider a few points. We list the main criteria that you need to focus on.

  1. Range

Designated as the area covered by the device. This indicator is the least for electromagnetic models, the largest area is covered by ultrasound. But we must understand that the value indicated in the technical documentation is measured in an empty room. Considering that ultrasonic waves are absorbed by objects and partitions, in reality, the indicator will be less. A good choice is combined devices. They repel pests within a radius of up to 1000-1200 square meters. m.  

  1. Signal Volume And Frequency

Devices work with different frequencies and noise levels. The most effective sound level for repelling rodents is 110-135 dB. However, a person also feels such a signal and feels uncomfortable. Therefore, it is used only in empty rooms. It is believed that animals get used to one frequency and become less receptive. For this reason, devices that periodically change the frequency of radiation are considered the best.

  1. Power Supply

Several options are possible: mains, battery or battery, solar battery, and combined instrument. The battery is not suitable for powering high-power equipment. In this case, it simply won’t last long. But battery-powered models can be installed in rooms where there is no electrical wiring. However, if effective protection against rodents is needed, more powerful mains-operated devices are chosen. 

Combined power supplies are very convenient. Most often they are powered by batteries and from the mains, but a combination with a solar battery is also possible. This makes it possible to install equipment in various conditions. So, to protect the house, it is included in the network. To work in non-electrified buildings, it is possible to connect a battery.

It is believed that the best mouse repellers are complex models. They generate radiation and regularly change its frequency and intensity. In addition, periodically give out a bright flash of light or a loud sound signal. Such protection gives the maximum effect. At home, a loud sound is unacceptable, but scaring off with light flashes is possible if they are invisible to people

Selection Guide

  • The model is chosen for a specific room. The presence and location of furniture, large items, and other features are taken into account.
  • Some devices respond to temperature changes. They are not installed in unheated buildings or on the street. 
  • The specifications of the repeller are for an empty room. The presence of partitions, furniture, etc. can reduce the radius of its action.

During the operation of the pest repeller, all products must be removed from the reach of mice. If they know that food supplies are nearby, the radiation will not make them leave. The same applies to poisoned baits. They have a pronounced smell, very attractive to animals. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. For example, some models need to be turned off after three to four weeks of operation. 

Another important point. Trying to save money can end up costing you more money. Buying in the spontaneous market is cheaper. But the lack of technical documents, a warranty card, and instructions, which often happens in this case, indicates that a fake is being bought. It is hardly worth waiting for the effect of its installation. After making sure of this, you will have to spend money again and buy a certified device.

Mini Rating Of The Best Mouse And Rat Repellers

The Everpest shops offer a large selection of repellent devices. To orient, we offer a mini-rating of popular brands.

The best repeller of rats and mice will be a model chosen to take into account the conditions where it will be operated. It is important to study the manufacturer’s instructions and strictly follow all its requirements. If done correctly, the only side effect that may show up is pet anxiety. Guinea pigs and hamsters are especially susceptible, but cats and even dogs can react. It is best to remove the animals from the house for a while, or at least remove them as far as possible from the source of radiation.