Ultra-Modern Pixie Cut Variations to Experiment with This Season

Most of you already know that an adequately chosen cut can become a true life changer. While some ladies decide to explore lengthy cuts, others tend to chop the locks off and bring in dramatic changes. We hope that you belong to the latter category.

You can find the full list of the most popular pixie cut ideas on LoveHairstyles while we are going to discuss slightly different matters. We want to draw your attention to details to think over before opting for the cut itself. Get on, And if you fancy you can easily get a sex date as there are horny women just waiting! it will be more than exciting!

Things to Сonsider Before Getting a Pixie Cut

If it is the first time that you are considering such an utterly dramatic change, you need to be aware of all the underwater stones to keep away from.

Do Not Rush and Cut It All Off

Many pixies involve drastic length reduction, and that may be overwhelming for some. There is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, these are some new depths you are about to explore. That is why the best thing to do is to keep it slow and start with the longest pixie possible. The variety of different-length pixies is great, so that there will be no shortage of ideas to brood on. It is best to stick to a longer version at first to ensure that it is the look you are seeking. When you go too short too fast, it may end up in a huge disaster, and you will be wearing a hat everywhere you go for at least a while.

Pixies Grow Fast

Even if you rush and then regret the decision, it is worth noting that pixies do grow fast. If that is an unfortunate cut – this can be quite advantageous. On the other hand, it means that pixies require regular trimming to look their best. However, in case you are fully satisfied with your short haircut, this shouldn’t be a huge issue to overcome.

Pixies Are Mostly About Styling

Whether we like it or not, it takes some time to get used to styling a pixie. While in the majority of cases, a bit of hair product along with some curling should suffice, you need to realize that the wash-and-go technique is rarely applicable to the style. However, these are some minor matters to overcome, and the outcome will always be worth the effort.

Washing And Drying Time Reduced

This is the advantage we can’t pass by. ladies with long locks know how time-consuming the whole washing and blow-drying procedures can be. Pixies are short, easy to wash, and fast to dry out even without a blow-dryer in use.

Consider The Face Shape

Most pixies suit all face shapes and textures. However, it is always to consult a hairdresser as to which combo may fit you best. Besides, you should not forget about your style and personality. It matters much if the cut suits the character. When the two coincide, all the best features are brought up, while any possible flaws hide away.

Extended-Top Pixie with Edgy Undercut

If you are looking for that perfect balance between elegant and edgy, a long-top pixie is the best haircut to get there. All it takes is a fair share of light waves and a strawberry blonde undercut to embrace the idea. A cut like that can be easily fitted in every style and environment.

Feminine Stacked Pixie with Layers 

The best way to embrace your femininity is with a proper hairstyle. Some say that long hair speaks tenderness better than anything. We beg to differ. One look at this trendy blond pixie will persuade any critic in the opposite. With a cut like that, there is no other accessory needed to compliment that gentleness and femininity of yours!

Stylish Pixie with Bangs for Fine Hair

Many think that short cuts and fine hair are not that compatible. However, it takes a skilled hairdresser to prove that point wrong. The thing is that a pixie with bangs with just the proper amount of layering will enhance both the hair texture and your facial features so that no one could resist that sweet look!

Source: LoveHairStyles