Ultimate Team Guide For Madden 23: Beginner’s Guide

Football season is just around the corner, which means another Madden game. As this year’s game edition honors the late John Madden, it is quite special for players. For the first time since 2000, Madden 23 features the hall of fame coach on the cover.

Madden 23 returns with many game modes, including the highly competitive Ultimate Team. There’s a lot of demand for this type of content and it mostly comes from popular MMOexp and the imminent return to Madden. By collecting player cards, you can create the most successful squad. Using your team, you can complete specialized missions with specific objectives, or you can play normal games with the computer or others online. Let’s get your Ultimate Team off to a successful start with some essential tips.

Team Building

Your starter team will be unlocked by completing a series of challenges. To complete the challenges, players must pass or rush for a specified number of yards or score touchdowns. Start your team with players rated between 60 and 70.

You don’t have to worry if you’re unsatisfied with your team. With Madden 23 Season One pass, you can earn experience points that reward you with various card packs by completing missions. In addition to the Marketplace, you can also purchase cards there. You can purchase cards with madden 23 coins or real money or Ultimate Team’s in-game currency points. Coins are used for card packs, but points can also be earned through real-world purchases.

In the Marketplace, the Ultimate Team Bundle is a key item to get your team started. You will receive a pack of Elite Offense and Elite Defense and 100,000 coins when you redeem 4,400 points. With multiple starters rated 85 or higher included in each pack, your roster will be greatly strengthened.

Player Upgrades

Your ultimate team won’t be bolstered by collecting players from card packs alone. To remain competitive, you must upgrade your current players. Training Points can also be used to upgrade a player’s skills. Players’ cards they don’t want can be quickly sold for points.

A player’s core attributes will be increased with an upgrade, and some highly-rated players will receive special abilities. Five Training Points are required for the initial upgrade, which boosts the player’s abilities and enhances their attributes. Superstar X-Factors cost 100 Training Points, and secondary specialized abilities cost 150-200 Training Points. The right-hand menu will appear once your players have been upgraded to superstar status.


Completing missions is a profitable way to earn rewards for upgrading your Ultimate Team. Start Your Ultimate Team is the first mission you’ll need to complete to acquire early players. All-Madden, Headliners, and Team Affinity round out the mission sets. You must collect card sets for Headliners missions to earn a top-rated player. New cards can be assigned to card sets according to their value when acquired. In addition to the All-Madden missions, there are card sets that complete missions as well.

Teams Affinity and Divisional Champions follow the same mission structure. Team Affinity has four top-rated players you can unlock by completing the Team Captains section: wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson, fullback Larry Csonka, defensive tackle Sam Adams, and cornerback Eric Allen. In Getting To Know Your Captain, there will be 18 more challenges after you finish the four challenges in Team Captain Tryouts. By completing these challenges, you can upgrade your captain’s card. Earning more stars is possible by adjusting the challenge difficulty.

Battles In Solo Mode

Try Solo Battles if you’re ready for real game action. To earn rewards, you’ll compete against lineups from the community. Make sure you’re ready before starting your match against each team since you’ll only have one chance.

You’ll still get coins for completing each match, whether you win or lose. If you win, the number of coins will be increased. Starting at 10:30 am EST, the lineups will adjust daily, or you can buy mut coins and update them manually. Compared to other opponents, you will earn extra Battle Points when you compete against a Featured Opponent.


This mode allows you to showcase your talents online. Your skill level will determine who you play against during NFL seasons. A winning record of five games is required to advance to the playoffs, while a losing record of three games will eliminate you. As with the regular Seasons, the All-Madden Seasons are targeted at more advanced players. All-Madden, however, increases the difficulty level.

You can play House Rules: One and Done for a limited time. When calling plays in this mode, you can only do so once, so choose carefully! As an added bonus, you’ll have to gain 20 yards instead of the standard ten yards for a first down. You can boost your lineup with a premium Hero card if you succeed in House Rules.

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