Ultimate Guide to Choose Vape Juice for You

Vaping has increased in popularity significantly in recent years. More and more people are every day exploring interesting practices and keeping their recreation alive. What is even more prominent is how the vape manufacturers are coming up with non-stop innovations. As per current market surveys, vaping has evolved from technology, strengths to essences radically!

No matter how advanced your vape pen or mod’s technology is, you can consider the vape juice as its soul. If you choose the e-juice or the combination of the e-juice right, you will automatically enhance your vaping experience. This guide will help you do that!

1.  What Flavor Attracts You The Most?

You might need to break down your attention on several aspects before you pick the right vape juice. But remember that its essence or flavor that matters most. If the flavor is not correct, it can ruin your whole experience. You do not have to spend a fortune to pick the best vape juice flavor, as you can find the excellent best vape juice flavors that offer quality, efficiency, and a chance to save big!

Moreover, thanks to the top e-juice manufacturers, there is absolutely no lack of flavors in today’s market. You can find combined, strong, mild to all-natural flavors of vape juices. Some examples include cocktails, food, fruits, menthol, dessert, candies, chocolate, etc.

But when you are just starting with vaping, pick a comparatively mild flavor and not too strong. If you prefer a flavor with a solid base and essence on the first go, chances are your vaping experience could go wrong. So, always go for a light one initially.

Also, if you are new to vaping and like more than one flavor, create your own flavor by combining them! If you want a mix of essences, make sure that you study the flavors nicely. You can also instruct the person who is blending the flavors for you. But be careful because often, the mix can affect the strength of your e-juice.

The next thing to keep in mind is to give it a shake before you pour one flavor into the other. You want the perfect density in your mix, ensuring the apt concentration in your flavor blend.

2.  Know About The VG and PG

It is another aspect that you must not overlook when buying vape juice. As per feedback from vape enthusiasts, the ratio of VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol) impacts their vaping experience because you will find numerous options on your plate. You can perform a quick exploration of the kinds of available e-juices!

Most of the e-juices have three different options –

  • 50% VG and 50% PG
  • 70 % VG with 30% PG
  • 90-100% VG

These concentrations often include different types of food flavoring water and nicotine. More VG means the users will get more vapor clouds that can even lead to a hit in your throat.

On the other hand, the vape juices with a higher concentration of PG can give out a hit on the backside of your throat along with a strong flavor. You might feel a bit dehydrated too. This type of hit is in demand among vape enthusiasts who prefer full concentrations and flavors.

3.  How Strong Do You Want The Nicotine Content To Be?

Once you select the right and vape juice category, you must consider the nicotine factor. Pick the nicotine intensity depending on how much you precisely and personally prefer. It shall be not too much nor too less!

Most people with light nicotine content preference tend to choose 3 mg. Vape juices also come in strengths of 6 mg that are perfect for people with a strong taste essence.

Some blends of vape juices also reach up to 9 mg and 12 mg. It depends entirely on your capacity and choice of how much nicotine content you want there to be in your e-juice. If you are just starting with vape juice, choosing a nicotine strength of 0 mg and 1.5 mg will be wise.

4.  Always Choose from the Renowned Manufacturer

Lastly, always pay apt attention to where you are buying the vape juice. If you are buying online, be cautious about the following:

  • the website looks professional,
  • they follow all the standard procedures while manufacturing the juices,
  • Vape juice is being prepared in a clean setup
  • the company adheres to all the rules and regulations of the United States of America
  • Manufacturers are using only high-quality ingredients

If you have liked any brand, find all the details about it before purchasing. Reading the reviews on the online communities will also help you a lot.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have explored the essential details about vape juices, it is your golden turn to pick the best one or perhaps a blend! You can use this guide to become a perfectionist in your vape juice selection or combination. Research properly and choose the best place to make your ideal vape juice purchase. Lastly, do enjoy the delicious flavors every time you take a puff!