Ultimate Guide for Buying LG water purifiers for Home (2022)

Everyone needs access to pure drinking water. Buying an RO purifier would be the best option. Water purifiers provide a simple way to purify and deliver drinking water. A water purifier may also incorporate a UV water purifier for double purification. It is not easy to purchase an electric water purifier, and you must buy one that meets your needs. The benefits of drinking clean water in adequate quantities include washing out toxins, maintaining good skin, and providing hydration.

Water-borne diseases cause most deaths in the country. Growing pollution and industrialization are making it harder to access clean drinking water. Unless treated with a competent water purifier, most cities do not provide drinking water unless treated with competent water purifiers. Various water purifiers are available today, such as LG water purifiers or Whirlpool water purifiers, but RO purifiers are the most common. The immense popularity of RO water purifiers has led to the creation of thousands of brands, with every brand promising to be better than the next. 

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to finding the water purifiers On EMI, below are some points you should keep in mind.

TDS Level in Water

Minerals and ionized solids are measured by the levels of dissolved solids in the water. Your body needs to consume minerals, but other impurities, such as heavy metals, arsenic, fluoride, and pesticides, can harm your body. Therefore, the TDS in your water must be brought down to acceptable levels by a water purifier. Ensure the LG water purifiers can handle water with a high TDS level. It is good to go with water purifiers that can handle TDS levels of up to 2000.

Technology additions for purification

Although RO is a good water purifier, today’s top water purifiers also use UV and UF as purifier technologies. The reverse osmosis process removes bacteria and impurities from water, but UV and UF kill and remove some bacteria left behind. Adding these purification technologies to RO may give you healthy water if your Home’s water source comes from a stagnant water body.

Process of Filtration

The filtration process in an RO can be confusing at first, but it should become clear if you do a bit of research. Before you drink clean water, a LG water purifier will go through about 7-8 stages of purification. The most common filters are:

1. Pre-filter

Removing physical impurities, like dust and grime

2. Sediment filter

Removing coarse particles

3. Pre-activated Carbon Filter

Removes harmful organic compounds like pesticides, chemicals, and chlorine from water

4. RO Filter

The purpose is to remove bacteria and harmful dissolved solids from the water.

5. UV Filter

Removes fine bacteria present in water

6. UF Filter

Removes fine bacteria and leaving out suspended impurities

Purification speed and storage capacity

The next step is to look at the cleaner’s storage capacity. To ensure a constant clean water supply, make sure you buy one that matches the purification speed. A storage capacity of 6-8 litres is sufficient for a family of average size. However, make sure the purifier can purify water fast enough so you won’t run out.

Plan your budget

Determining the budget is also crucial. Several brands of RO purifiers are available in different price ranges, so it is important to choose one that fits your budget. Also, make sure the filtering features aren’t compromised. For the best affordable water purifier, you can choose LG water purifier or Whirlpool water purifier, which is budget-friendly and has a very low maintenance cost compared to other brands. 

Unlike most household water filters, the LG water purifier uses an eight-stage filtration system rather than a single-stage carbon filter. LG water purifier filtration system uses only natural water-purification materials and does not rely on chemicals or other synthetic substances to purify or cleanse tap water. LG water purifier method of filtration and purification simulates a natural mineral spring. The technology is highly effective at removing water-borne bacteria, eliminating bad odours, and reducing harmful contaminants. It adjusts pH level to mildly alkaline and releases essential minerals and bio-energy properties. This means you’ll enjoy sparkling clean, crisp water with a fresh mountain spring flavour that will improve your overall health.

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