Ukrainian charitable fund for children starts operations in Bulgaria

The International foundation Stand with Ukraine, which supports Ukrainian mothers and children, has started activities in Bulgaria. The foundation aims to provide future generations of Ukrainians with an opportunity to grow up to be healthy, strong, and successful, whilst also protecting their rights to happy and peaceful lives.

The foundation focuses on helping the most needy and war-affected families with children. Thus, aid from the foundation is directed toward: the treatment and rehabilitation of sick and war-affected children, the provision of quality medicines and medical equipment, accommodation in medical facilities, the procurement of first-class food products and supplements, the provision of suitable conditions for children with specific needs, and other similar projects.

The Head of the Supervisory Board of the foundation Stand with Ukraine is Georgi Sazhinov, PhD. He lives in Ukraine and has over 30 years’ experience in the field of healthy nutrition in children. At present, Mr Sazhinov is involved in the development of projects for healthy nutrition in schools.

The foundation’s team includes experts in other fields, such as lawyer Olga Matviyeva, dairy expert Vadim Chagarkovsky and the deputy director of Cherwill College in Oxford, Helen Clark – who is organizing a charity auction to raise funds for the foundation, in Oxford, in September.

Another distinguished member of Stand with Ukraine is Natalia Kovalevskaya, a Healthcare portfolio manager at Signet Global. Ms Kovalevskaya focuses on fundraising and is responsible for coordinating with the foundation’s American partners to help Ukraine in the face of ongoing Russian aggression.

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