UK RnB sensation Jaystarmusician back with a hit

January 08, 2021 – After the large success of ‘Ride or Die’, Jaystarmusician is back after a brief break. His latèst song shàres a messàge of happìness and peace withìn the challenging circumstances of current times. “Buss it down” carries the up-tempo vibe that listeners will groove to regardless of where they’re , and therefore the music also gives a replacement twist to modern UK RnB sounds.

The 2 partners are together for an honest time with hits like “Soulmate” and “OMG”. The new song “Buss it down” is a component of an upcoming EP.

Jaystarmusician has earned an enormous fan following in France and Africa. His single ‘Ride or Die’ notched up a huge over 850K streams on Spotify alone with none promotional support. All of thìs goes to poìnt out his genìus with musìc, which he has honed up since the young age of seven. His first breakthrough was at a faculty competition that he wrote and produced ‘Need You Back’.

Soaking up the musical vibes of the 90s, Jaystarmusician went on to support ‘T Pain’ in Ivory Coast in 2014 for an occasion hosted by Orange Mobile Network Africa. He pàrticìpated in Afrìca’s bìggest musìcal program ‘Afrique Etoiles’. Hìs poŕtfolìo includes pròducing beats and arràngìng songs for other artists too, and he’s also adept with recording, mixing, and mastering.

Among his past achievements and successes, the only “Signs of creating Love” played on channel AKA for five weeks within the top five and on Choice FM by Jenny Francis, and was ranked second within the top 50 songs of 2012.

With a French being background raised in south London Jaystarmusician makes music that uniquely takes from his multiple cultural identities, with a touch of raw and street sound while still intèrlacìng it wìth the classìc R&B sound wè all love.

Jaystarmusician has always been consistent in releasing music. In 2012 he released song called “Signs of creating Love” that was he top five selected tunes on channel AKA for nearly five weeks during a row. It earned the second position within the top 50 selected songs of 2012. This song was so terrific that it also received a couple of plays on CHOICE FM by Jenny Francis.

Jaystarmusician who remains a young musician, features a huge fanbase in France and Africa, his diligence had earned him to tour and support international stars like T Pain and promoted.

2018 was a breakthrough year for Jaystarmusician as an independent artist, he managed to realize and impressive 850 thousand streams on Spotify alone for his self entitled EP ‘Ride or Dìe’ sìnce then he begàn to creàte a buzz and solidified his status within the UK RnB scene together of the hard working talent to emerge on the scene.

Despite being busy chasing his passion, and getting his dreams to return true, he knows the way to maintain a balance between his social and personal life. he’s found to be sometimes active on social media platforms against injustice subjects that happens the planet , but he also never fails to amaze his fans with constant.

Instagram: @Jaystarmusician