Uduimoh Jeremiah: Taking South African street music global

Uduimoh Osi Jeremiah is a successful artist and event promoter, talent hunting since 2013. He had his first international breakthrough by signing a contract with Tion Wayne, a British rapper. He is from Cyprus and known for promoting famous artists and organizing eventful nights for upcoming artists.

Tion Wayne, with a following of more than 900k on Instagram, is a well-known rapper who has appeared on three top-10 singles on the UK singles chart. Uduimoh will promote his international ‘Afropiano’ tour by hosting other contemporary hip-hop, UL drill, and Afroswing genre shows. Seyi Law, Rema, Dj Neptune, Davido, and Oxlade are a few of the remarkable celebrities Uduimoh has managed.

Afropiano has marked its place globally. It originated from South African street music. Uduimoh is one of the very show promoters who are taking traditional African street music globally. He has previously organized the popular music genre from Nigeria across Africa. He has that eye for recognizing hidden gems in the industry and producing sold-out shows.

Uduimoh says, “Entertainment has always been a passion since I was very young. I have nothing but love and devotion to my work and benefit my clients to achieve the limelight they deserve”.

The 33-year-old event promoter is now a leading personality in the music and comedy show industry. He has successfully close-knitted his talents and has connections with all prominent personalities, helping you get more laughs and good vibes in your life. Audiences always love to see witty words and soulful music presenting a wholesome night.

Uduimoh has been executing large-scale events and plans to continue working on his Summer 2022 events. He plans to bring the best artists from all over the world under one roof to perform their best performances and achieve lifelong popularity.

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