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Everyone’s favorite Television Drama serial Udaariyaan is a story of Love, Hope, Romance, Dreams and passion, broadcasted on Colors TV, on March 15, 2021. Producers of this most watced Drama serial Udaariyaan are Bollywood’s most famous actors Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey, have brought their Dream project on the screen of Colors TV with a thrilling love story.

Trend Alert! Will Tejo and Fateh’s reunion bring Death? The story holds boden news twists and secrets to reveal in the upcoming Episodes.

Udaariyaan is a love story of three different people Jasmine (Isha Malviya), Fateh (Ankit Gupta) and Tejo (Priyanka Choudhary), about their passions and Dreams.

In Udaariyaan Drama serial, Jasmin (Isha Malviya) is a college girl who dreams of living in Canada and for completing her dreams she is willing to do anything.  Fateh singh Virk ( Ankit Gupta) is completely in love with Jasmin. Both Fateh and Jasmin are having an affair. 

Will Jasmin cheat on Fateh? Or Tejo had to sacrifice again in Udaariyaan…

Udaariyaan Drama Serial Details

Real NameRole NameRelations
Karan GroverAngad MaanTejo’s Fiance
Priyanka Chara ChoudharyTejo Kaur SandhuFathe’s Wife
Ankit GuptaFateh Singh VirkTejo’s Husband
Isha MalviyaJasmin Kaur SandhuFathe’s Lover
Kamal Dadiala   Raman Dhagga  Satti Kaur Sandhu   Rupy Singh Sandhu Rupy’s wife, Tejo, Dilraj and Jasmine’s Mother Father
Abhishek KumarAmrik Singh VirkJasmin’s Husband

Udaariyaan is an interesting Drama serial holding many shifts and twists in the story that never lets their Fans get bored. Tejo and Jasmin are biologically sisters but share no similar personality traits. Jasmin (Isha) is an immature who only dreams of going to Canada, while Tejo (Priyanka Chara) is mature, sensible and responsible child of Sandhu’s, who loves her homeland Punjab and is not willing to leave her family behind.

Fateh Singh is a boxer whose heart only beats for Jasmin and is willing to go Canada for her happiness. On the day of Jasmin and Fathe’s wedding, Jasmin (isha) refuses to marry Fateh because he can’t go to Canada. While Tejo (Pariyanka) agrees on marrying Fateh to save both families honor.

Trend Alert! Angad traps Tejo and sets the godown on fire in Colors Udaariyaan

Fateh leaves Tejo after their marriage for Jasmin in Udaariyaan. Later realizes Jasmin’s evil deeds against Tejo, burns Jasmin’s passport so her dreams of going to Canada too and confesses his love for Tejo (Pariyanka). But Tejo is not willing to forgive Fateh and agrees on marrying to Angad who claims to be in love with Tejo.

Tejo (Pariyanka) tells Angad (karan Grover) about her pregnancy and apologizes him that she can’t get married to him. Out of rage Angad (Karan) traps Tejo and sets the lowdown on fire where Tejo and Fateh are meeting. Jasmin who is ashamed of her acts and is married to Amrik, wishes Fateh and Tejo to get married again. And helps them to meet again and solve their problems. But is still worried about Pandit’s Bhavishiwanri that Tejo and Fathe’s togetherness, will bring death to someone in the family.

 Trend Alert! Tejo Changes her Identity and name in colors ‘Udaariyaan

Tejo might lose her unborn baby in the godown accident and hold Jasmin and Fateh responsible for her baby’s death. As Tejo sees Jasmin and Fateh together and decides to take revenge of all her pain by leaving everyone behind and moving to Canada with Angad. Will Tejo and Fateh ever reunite and their Love story?  Udaariyaan’s Drama serial love story is taking a major turning point in the lives of Fateh (Ankit Gupta), Tejo (Pariyanka chara choudhary), Jasmin (isha malviya) and Angad (karan grover). It will be interesting to see Desi Serial what will happen in Fatejo’s love story.

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