Tyriq French, sometimes known as the American actor and model.

Tyriq French, is a rising model who has set his eyes on the top of the mountain and is determined to reach there. Tyriq French has one goal: he wants to become more serious and committed to his work. “If you say you want it and you genuinely want it , then you’re not going to sit around and wait on something to happen or be handed to you , you have to go get it , talent go unnoticed 24/7 give yourself a chance to be great by going to find opportunities and setting yourself up for success.”

Even though failure is typical while traveling away from home, Tyriq French is a successful model who isn’t one to give up easily. His ambition is to keep going forward and to use his project to contribute to something worthwhile. Following his gigs, his goal is to leave the audience with a want to see more of him, which he has done consistently.

 Tyriq French was born in raised in south Memphis Tennessee and went to school in Idabel Oklahoma. His #1 passion is to be the best version of myself that he can be , and specifically relating to modeling or physical therapy.

Currently, he is undergoing a collaboration with Habana clothing

Adamant about his future, Tyriq French is now staying active, seeking to inspire and motivate all levels of the music game “I don’t want to have an end goal, I always look to accomplish more. If I’m going to be a foundation setter then my goals end when I’m no longer on this earth.” He mentions and goes on to say that he is not looking in any direction but ahead.

As a result of the outbreak, some artists had tremendous obstacles in 2021, and various measures implemented at the local and federal levels banned a large number of events involving large crowds, like as concerts and festivals, from taking place. The number of possibilities for artists to demonstrate their abilities was limited as a result. Tyriq French’s attention is now concentrated on continuing to pursue his musical career in order to deepen his foundation even more than it already has been. Tyriq French has his sights set on the prize and realizes that if you want to succeed you need to invest in yourself, but also invest in others that will invest in you. He is eager to make a difference not just in the community but also on the stage.

 “I cannot promise you that you will make it if u work hard, but I can most definitely promise you that you won’t make it if you don’t work hard. Only 5 % get what they worked for, do you want to be that 5% ?”

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