Tyre Maintenance Tips in the Summer Season

The surface of your tyres is rubbed with the road surface constantly. Therefore, they are prone to wear and tear and you need to change them after they have completed their lifespan. Saving your tyres from sharp objects, heat and friction is not usually possible but you can slow down the rate of tyre wear by ensuring high-grade maintenance.

Summer Tyres Darlington are suitable for extremely hot weather. However, proper maintenance will keep them safe for a long period of time.

In this article, we have listed some worthwhile ideas for keeping the tyres in good condition during the summer months.

Slow down your speed:

While your car is running on hot roads at a high speed, you need to take care of your tyres since they are rubbed against hot surfaces and friction is also present there to generate more heat. The results of this condition are not going to be favourable for your tyres. Degradation of rubber materials, blowouts and tread wear are some outcomes that you are expected to get due to your high-speed driving. 

Keep air pressure at the correct level:

Air pressure in your tyres is supposed to increase because the molecules of air are supposed to move quickly due to increased heat. Therefore, it is vital to check air pressure constantly during the summer months.

You can be familiar with the correct air pressure level with the help of your user manual. You must not try to increase or decrease the air pressure according to weather conditions. You just need to check and maintain the correct air pressure in your tyres.

Save your tyres from blowouts:

The chances of blowouts are higher in the summer season. Heat and friction are responsible to degrade the rubber material of your tyres. Worn out tyres have weak areas that are not able to hold air pressure for a long time. Thus, these areas burst due to increased heat (expanded air) and friction.

To keep your tyres safe, do not let your tyres overheated. Stop your car for a couple of minutes if you have been driving your car for several hours. 

Check the tread depth:

This is indeed a valuable tip!

The tread pattern is a vital factor to ensure proper and hassle-free drive. Suppose you have selected high-grade summer tyres with proper tread patterns but you would not be able to get proper traction if they are balding.

Correct tread depth is essential for proper grip. Thus, you need to check the tread depth that is supposed to be reduced due to extreme heat during the summer season. However, summer tyres are optimized for hot weather but it is not possible to stop the process of tread wear completely. Thus, check the tread depth and replace your tyres if the depth is below 1.6mm that is the legal limit in the UK.

Check the tyre valves:

Tyres valves are usually overlooked while we talk about proper maintenance of tyres. Tyre valves are important to keep air pressure at the correct level because they prevent the air from going out of the tyres. Check the tyre valves for their shape and fitting to ensure they are not damaged.

Inspect your tyres regularly:

You have to check your summer tyres regularly to make sure they do not have cuts, cracks and bulges on their surface. Bald patches, cracks and cuts clearly show that your tyres are seriously damaged. 

If you are not sure about changing your tyres, you have to visit a garage for a complete checkup of the tyre’s physical condition. The mechanic is supposed to check the Tyres Darlington with the help of advanced tools and techniques. If your expert says that you need to change your tyres, it is better you follow their instructions. It is nice if you make proper efforts to keep your tyres safe but you have to change after they are near the time of retirement. Never forget that driving on bald and damaged tyres is dangerous.