Types Of Wedding Dress (Unique) Styles & How To Choose A Suitable One

So, your wedding is coming up in a few months and you’re wondering where to start preparing. As the bride, you can start by first considering your wedding gown and other important accessories. Speaking of gowns, you need to understand that finding a wedding dress unique to your body can sometimes be challenging. You need to factor in the different wedding dress styles available and then choose one that suits your body shape and color.

If you’re new to the different types of wedding styles available, this blog is all you need to learn about them. Apart from getting familiar with the different wedding dress styles, you’ll also discover a few tricks & tips for finding the best white wedding dress on Bliss Gown.

1. Wedding dress 2-piece styles

Wedding dress 2-piece styles are currently some of the latest bridal gowns you’ll find out there today. These styles are ideal for brides that are struggling to find the best wedding dress from head to toe. That’s not all; 2-piece dresses are perfect for people who like to flash a little bit of their skin.

You can go for this wedding dress style if:

  • You have curves or a flat tummy you want to show off. With a flat tummy, you can easily pick a 2-piece wedding dress top that allows you to reveal a little part of your skin. With your curved body, you can easily find a good wedding dress skirt that accommodates your curves and lets you reveal them as you want.
  • Wedding dress 2-piece styles are also perfect for brides that have more hourglass body figures.

2. Wedding dress A-line styles 

Another type of dress you can consider for your buying is the wedding dress A-line gown. This flattering dress silhouette, which is also known as the wedding dress princess cut, comes with a flared skirt and a fitted waistline.

One good thing about A-line gowns is that they are suitable for all brides. Yes, irrespective of your body shape (big, petite, or average), you can always choose this style for your wedding gown. You should consider it the most if you’re small, slim, and petite. The cut of this dress style will make you curvier, taller, and slimmer.

3. Ball gown wedding dress

Ball gown wedding dresses, also known as Cinderella dresses, feature a royal appearance. Ball gown and A-line have a lot of things in common. The biggest difference between them, however, is that the former features a fitted bodice and more volume at the skirt level. One good thing about this ball gown wedding dress is that it gives brides a lot of freedom to walk from one place to another.

While this dress is perfect for almost all body types, you should consider it the most if you have a pear shape and slim waist.

4. Wedding dress mermaid style

The wedding dress mermaid style is another popular wedding gown you can consider for your upcoming ceremony. This style is characterized by a close fit at the bride’s bust & waist. However, the dress flares out into a full skirt at the kneel level.

  • Do you have an hourglass body shape? If yes, understand that this wedding dress is a perfect choice for you. This is especially true if you have shoulders and hips with a very narrow waist and an equal width.
  • You should also consider a wedding dress mermaid gown if you have an inverted triangle body shape. This is especially true if your shoulders are broader than your hips.

Apart from being a flattering dress silhouette, this dress will give you a unique look. You can find different wedding dress mermaid gown options and other styles on Bliss Gown.

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