Types of Vulcan Hot Water System to Buy

Vulcan is a brand that is popular for its superior water heating systems, which can be found at a low cost. Thus, it has retained its name and sales in Australia for a long time now. Part of the success of the company can be attributed to its use of state of the art technology, which includes long-lasting steel cylinders and ceramic tank lining. Due to these, its hot water systems are secure against corrosion and adverse weather conditions. Find out about the two types of Vulcan Hot Water System that are available for purchase.

  • Vulcan Electric Storage Hot Water Systems

The electric Vulcan Hot Water System is powered by electric power. Its line-up of electric storage comprises models that range between 50 litres to 400 litres in capacity. Just like the Gas Storage range of Vulcan, the connections, weight and external dimensions of its electric storage range lets you plan the setup before time, so as to prevent any possible issues.

Its electric storage systems are composed of steel of superior form, which can last in harsh weather if set up outside. The Vulcan Hot Water System is appropriate for a family that is growing. Other than taps, these can be used on washing machines and dishwashers. You can maintain the temperature of water at a specific point, using the thermostat. Thus, it is possible to use less amount of hot water as you are generally accustomed to.

There is a long warranty of 10 years offered by the brand, based on the kind of model that you plan to install. This can provide you with more reassurance. Spare parts and replacement components are also offered by the brand, which can aid you in getting your water heater restored to an operational state before you have to take a shower again.

  • Vulcan Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

The gas Vulcan Hot Water System runs on gas power. The Gas range of heaters includes two models, one having a 170L capacity and another with 135L capacity. The dimensions of the heaters are available on the website of Vulcan. This can help you evaluate the amount of space that you have to devote to the installation of the systems in your house. You can also get an idea about the types of gas and water connections that you will require for the best fit.

The gas-powered Vulcan Hot Water System can be recessed in a wall cavity or set up against a wall, according to the floor plan of your home. The storage cylinders of Vulcan water heaters are composed of strong steel, which helps these last longer. This allows the heaters to deal better with the pressure building up in the water heating cycles, as well as survive rusting if the heater is placed outside.

These can be installed and maintained easily, regardless of your need; you need some help or a spare part. This is because this is a very popular water heater brand and most plumbers happen to be familiar with the Vulcan Hot Water System range. A minimum warranty of 7 years is offered by Vulcan on the range of Gas Storage water heaters that are sold by the brand. Most certified technicians and plumbers have the know-how and training that is needed to deal with water heater models that come from the brand Vulcan. They are also experts at installing these systems in homes, offices and wherever these are needed.


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