Types Of Orthopaedic Spine Implants That Surgeons Prefer

Spine related issues have been growing since a long time now. This is happening because of the way we sit, the way we work etc. Most of the spine issues are a result of bad posture, like some kind of spondylitis. Whereas, there are some serious spinal cord related issues like as well, like tuberculosis of the Spinal Cord, accident, spinal diseases and a few of the other dangerous problems. And, in most of the cases, spinal surgeries are performed, that require orthopaedic spine implants. Though, most of the patients as well as the doctors would not want to perform surgeries or fix implants, but, that’s possible the best way to solve the problem and hence, they go for surgeries and orthopedic spine implants.

Why do surgeons need orthopedic spine implants?

As mentioned above as well, in some spinal cord related issues, surgeries and implants might be required. A few of the common spinal cord issues include, spinal stenosis, arthritis, scoliosis, degerative Disc Disorder, Herniated Disc and a few more. And, in most of these cases, a surgery might be required to fix the problem. Though, most of the times, doctors suggest therapies and medicines to treat the back pain, unless it becomes something serious. Also, getting a continuous exercise routine is mandatory to make sure that the surgeries are avoided. But, when the situation becomes untreatable without a surgery, that’s when the doctors suggest surgeries and implants.

Mostly, the orthopedic spinal implants are used during a spinal fusion surgery. Apart from the fusion surgery, implants might also be required in surgeries related to spinal cord tuberculosis, tumors or spinal disorders like arthritis or scoliosis. If the cord, bone or joint is damaged, then an implant is sued to replace it. Sometimes, with the help of a surgery, two vertebrae are fused to ensure better stability of the spine. Also, some surgeries result in strengthening of the spine as well. And, all the surgeries and implants rectify all the deformities.

Orthopedic Spinal Implants

Most of the orthopedic spinal implants are made using high quality metals like steel, titanium or any suitable alloy. However, a few of the implants might be made using plastic or now polymer as well. Spinal implants are manufactured in a wide range of shapes and sizes, for different type of patients. A few of the common types of implants include, rod, screw, hooks etc. Also, at times, different type of plates are used for the spinal surgeries.

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