Types of mobile phone cases you will actually enjoy using

Phone covers are one of the most used and important accessories that the phone user should own. As such a good quality phone cover will protect the phone from all sorts of damages and will increase your phone’s life. The prices of the new smartphones are hiking up at an alarming rate, thus protecting the smartphone with high-quality phone cases is a must. For instance, there is a phone cases with chains for better grip, cases with various fabrics and materials, smart cases, and many more. 

As said in the above paragraph, there are numerous numbers of a phone cases and each built quality is different from the latter. Some are built for protection while on the other hand some are built for luxury and styling. 

1. Various materials used for phone cases:

A. Leather:

Leather phone cases are no doubt one of the best phone cases available on the market as such the case not only provides the premium look and feel to the user but also it ages well with the passage of time, the more you use it the more it the better it will fit in your hands. 

Leather phone cases are quite grippy, thus if you are the one who often drops their phone or has a wobbly hand then you must try a leather phone case. 

B. Wooden:

Phone cases made with wood are yet another classic type of case. These types of phone cases come in two types: the first being a real wood phone case and the second one being a faux wood phone case. They both are available on the market for your usage, if you think about the pricing then the phone cases made with real wood are expensive as compared to the phone cases made with faux wood material. 

Buying a wooden phone case is also better for the environment as such they are eco friendly and can be easily recycled. 

C. Carbon Fiber:

Phone cases made with carbon fiber are no doubt the strongest and most durable cases that one would find on the market as such they are manufactured using the military-grade Kevlar fiber. Carbon fiber was initially proposed for the manufacturing of car body parts that are lightweight, strong, and durable. Thus due to those properties, some started making carbon fiber phone cases too. 

The cases made with carbon fiber can protect the phone from any kind of damage. Thus if budget is not the issue then one must consider buying carbon fiber phone cases. 

2. Wallet cases:

If you are the one who likes only a little money along with a debit card and doesn’t like to carry a wallet, then in that case wallet phone cases are the ideal option for you. Many wallet cases are available in the market that comes with few pockets in order to store debit cards, money, and a few other things. 

These types of cases are made with leather, silicon, and a few other fabric materials. Apart from pockets to keep money and cards, these cases also offer great protection to the phone as such they come with a flip which protects the screen. 

3. Transparent cases: 

A. Bumper cases: 

Bumper cases are yet another protective case that comes with an extra protective rubber notch on the edge of the cases to protect them from damages on the edge after a fall. Due to the extra protective bump of rubber on the edge and a transparent body, these cases are always in demand. 

B. Hard transparent cases:

Transparent cases are usually opted for by the owners because they don’t hide the design of the smartphone. These transparent cases also provide much-needed protection to smartphones. 

4. Heavy-duty cases:

Heavy-duty cases are yet another phone cases that are now in demand as such some users have a very rough lifestyle in India, therefore, these phone cases are made to withstand one of the most brutal falls. 

These cases are made in such a way that they provide a very good grip and built quality. These cases provide 360-degree protection and protect each and every section of the phone. 

5. Thin or slim cases:

Nowadays many people don’t like bulky products to carry around therefore many opt for slimmer products. These slim cases provide a very good grip and are also easy to store or keep in your pockets. 

Despite being a slim case, these cases provide the utmost protection to the phone and protect the phone from all kinds of falls. 


To conclude, there are numerous smartphone cases, some phone cases are for a fashion statement, some for safety, and some for a hassle-free experience such as wallet cases. Therefore choose accordingly, as such a perfect phone case will serve perfectly in your day to day lifestlye while protecting your smartphone.

Ellen Hollington

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