Types Of Military Patches And Who Can Wear Them?

Similar body language, same ages, matching uniforms, and almost equal heights; recognizing students isn’t as easy as ABC. Outsiders and even school authorities, often struggle to identify students’ individuality. What class they are in and what position they hold cannot be easily told. It’s their ID cards and gowns that make them recognizable, just as how you cognized Cedric Digmake, Harry Potter, and Draco Malfoy.

A similar case is with army men. When they are all dressed up in camouflaged uniforms, it’s hard to discern them. What makes them different are their badges and patches. It tells, from which sector, they belong, the rank they are on, their name, and their identification as a whole. There is one thing about them that we’re always dazzled about, i.e. the meaning of their badges. Well, in the next few minutes your curious soul will be filled with satisfying results, stay tuned.

Types Of Military Patches And Their Meaning

Before we delve into the meaning of the military patches, here is a little background for you to know the rope and learn the rope. Currently, British military costumes exist in 12 categories, ranging from ceremonial uniforms to combat dress. No matter whether you recognize all 12 of them or not, you may be highly aware of the scarlet tunic (red ones). The uniform has caught the attention of millions but not many people know the reason for its color.

The color lets the fighters keep on fighting and protecting their homeland, without knowing that they are bleeding. Red clothing camouflage the color of blood and thus keep the army men motivated.

Well enough of the background knowledge, let’s come to our main topic. Below is a detailed discussion about the meaning of UK military patches and the people who wear them.

Name Patch:

If you are someone, who wished to be part of the navy or air force; doubtlessly the name patch was one of your motivations. Seeing your last name embossed on a military uniform makes your joy stuffed to the gills.

Well, a name patch is something, every army uniform has. It identifies the wearer of the military cloth. The patch contains usually black and bold letters, to be read from near or far. The particular patch is standard for every service uniform. Each military servant wears the patch to be recognized by their superiors and others.

Just as the badges specify the branch, rank, experience, and services of the personnel, the name badge reflects personal identification in the same vein.

The name tag is always worn on the right side and it is obligatory for officers and soldiers to wear them, specifically in the battleground.

Rank Patches:

Not the most important ones but the crucial part of the costume, rank badges show the branch of service of each army member. The ever-changing nature of the officer’s status is identified by these clothing badges.

The custom military Velcro patches UK are designed, depending on the rank of the personnel, thus made using Velcro material. As the rank increases, the person removes the old badge and applies the new one.

For the Navy, the rank and rate are combined in a single patch. The job and rank structure relies on several factors like the amount of training received and the specialties the personnel acquired during the time. Besides these, the rank patch also reflects one’s overall time serving the nation and combat experiences.

Unit Patches:

Certain badges are used to differentiate personnel based on their units.

Imagine being a teacher at Hogwarts, how would you recognize the student’s house? What signifies a certain house member? The color of their uniform, right? Similarly, the unit patches help soldiers to be recognized based on their units.

The small piece of cloth certainly applies to men operating in the combat zone. It is necessary to be worn by deployed army men in active warfare. You may also witness people wearing it outside the battleground, which reflects that the senior member was previously been in combat.

The badges reflect assigned units and divisions with the help of different artwork and insignias. The patches are worn on the left shoulders by militarians serving in the active combat zone.

Ensign Patches:

Ensign is one of the personalised patches you may have seen in military uniforms. The single patch act as a monogram and a reminder i.e. to whom you are serving for. Just like how we used to wear our educational institute’s monogram on our uniforms, the ensign patch is our country’s flag that one must wear. It reminds you of your true self, your purpose for standing steady, your motherland, and your first priority. The thing that makes the patch eccentric is the direction it faces when it is worn over the uniform.

Upon keeping a weather eye on the service member’s costume, you may notice the direction of the flag backward. No, that is not incorrectly placed but it is symbolic. The first thing it signifies is how the flag manifests itself upon forging ahead. Secondly, it shows that the army men are actively taking up arms and skirmishing for democracy and peace.


Since you are here, your curiosity must have been satisfied by now.

Do you remember the feeling when the teacher called your name and pinned a Head Prefect or Class Monitor badge on your uniform? Or do you remember the time, when the whole hall echoed you’re your name while you were receiving the medal?  What a proud moment that was, Right?

Nothing makes a person more proud than receiving a batch/medal. The moment becomes even more memorable after seeing the first reaction of your mother on the rank, you’ve won. Similar is the feeling that military personnel gets wearing the badge. Though it is just a clothing piece, a single piece of cloth can actually change your mood and your future.

The batch identifies the army men, it gives them a new recognition. Moreover, it is powerful enough to impact one’s whole life.


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