Types of ladders used in an industry

There are various types of industrial ladders used in the industry. You can check out the various types of Indalex ladders and then buy them according to your needs.

Having a ladder in any form of industry is highly necessary and one that you cannot go without. Although it is simple equipment with a simple-looking working mechanism and design the recent technological advancements have made given it a new look with added features. 

Here are some of the industrial ladders that you can buy-

Industrial ladders with handrails

An industrial ladder can be equipped with a handrail along the sides. This is highly essential sometimes as this will give you the option for extra gripping. With the help of the side handrails, you can get extra grip using your hands. The handrails provide handgrip support and thus prevent falling or slipping off the ladder steps. These are necessary for the medium to long and lengthy ladders that can go up to a few meters in length.

Double-sided ladders

Double-sided ladders have a unique thing about them. These are Indalex ladders that have ladder steps along both sides of the ladder.

Usually, these ladders are not very common in the industries. One particular function is emergency use where these ladders can come in pretty handy.

Instead of one person here, two persons can be at the top of the ladders working at the same time from the two opposite ladder legs.

Platform ladders

A platform ladder is a heavy use Indalex ladder that has a working platform on the top. The platform on top of the ladder gives the persons more space.

Here the top step of the ladder has more floor area on which one can stand easily and have more foot space. These types of ladders will come in pretty handy and are extensively used in the warehouses and logistical units.

Safety gate ladders

A safety gate ladder is a type of Indalex ladder that has a safety gate on top. Affixed on the top of the step of the ladder you can put the safety gate around you like a strap and this acts as a pivot point for your body giving much-needed support to the back.

Extendable ladders

As the name suggests the extendable ladders can be used for reaching variable heights. Using the extendable ladders you can ensure buying one ladder is enough for your industry for reaching variable and multiple heights.

Foldable ladders

Foldable ladders are pretty common both in industries and even in homes. These Indalex ladders have the foldable feature that allows them can be folded many times to make sure that they are convenient for storage even in smaller areas.

Check out the various types of ladders and buy accordingly with careful thought.