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Inserts in packaging are one of the styles of brand awareness and product knowledge to their respective customers. The customers do not need to pay any amount to get the insert, but it is a strategy from the eCommerce store to offer the new customer a new experience with the product and brand. The insert can be anything that is cost-effective and can be used for product promotions and marketing campaigns, or it will help to build the customer’s loyalty with the product or with the brand.

Shirt Boxes – Packaging insert can be a source of a customer’s loyalty

While shipping the product to the customers, you can meet or exceed the customer’s expectations. A small extra thing with the packaging as an insert can meet the customer’s expectation with the product. Especially with the clothing product like shirt packaging or an extra thing as an insert in a shirt box can be a source to have a customer’s engagement. While selecting an insert, you must have to consider some main points like:

• Shirt box insert can be a low cost, and you do not need to invest a huge amount in packaging insert because it can be something small which gives an unexpected impression to the customers

• Packing insert have to be specific and targeted as the person consider it is made for him or her

• Your insert can be a good source of selling your product and create the opportunities for the targeted selling

• The right selection of the insert can be a source to increase the customer’s loyalty to the product because they feel special and appreciated while having an insert in a packaging box.

Things can use a packaging insert

Packaging inserts can be simple, targeted, and unique because they can be a cause of customer loyalty and add value to the shirt box you are going to deliver to your customers. Here are some types you have to consider and get an overview of while selecting the insert:

Offer simple discounts

Offering discounts are the most popular and simple way to give a package insert to your customers. You can deliver the discount insert through the mail but share them while product delivery can ensure your right customer for the right target.

Promotional offers

While sending the shirt boxes, you can add the insert of having an order up to some specific amount and get a shirt free. Get free vouchers on the shopping of a certain amount. You can also offer discount promotions like get 20% or 30% off on your next order or something like that.

New product knowledge

You can also share an insert about the new arrivals and new collection to get your customers aware and have the idea that you are going to offer next to your customers. It can increase the customer’s interaction and make them order next time as well.

Share the gifts as an insert

You can add small gifts into the shirt boxes, which can give your customers happy and make them surprise while opening the packaging. That’s not necessary that the gift is something expensive it can be small or even low cost as well.

Ask for the product review

The shirt boxes as an insert and ask the customers to share the reviews on social media or on the website regarding the product and their experience with the product or with the brand.

Packaging inserts are a source of customer’s loyalty

Sending the insert with the packaging box means that you’re giving extra and value-added services to your customers and customers always feel good about it. It is like you are trying to meet the level of their expectations and perform beyond the expectation level. It is a direct marketing tool that can be used by different brands to inspire the customers and get them attached to the brand. It will raise the customer’s loyalty and have an ultimate impact on business sales and profit.