Types of Foods to Eat and Avoid If Suffering from Acid Reflux

Acid reflux can show up anytime in life. If you are facing this health problem frequently, then, you need to talk to a doctor. Also, for the first thing, you have to check the foods to eat and avoid all the time. 

Checking the foods you eat, will make your GERD symptoms slow down, and you will understand the food items you should consume every day and which ones to avoid. However, there are some similar foods that cause acid reflux in most people. Here, check the list of the same. 

Foods to eat in acid reflux

Here is the list of the best and worst foods for acid reflux

  • Chicken: You have to remove the skin of chicken first and try not to go for baked or fried meat, but try grilled or boiled. 
  • Lettuce leaves, sweet potatoes: If you are looking for mild green vegetable options, then these are the best. These will not cause gas or bloating. 
  • Brown rice: Try this healthy option, but avoid frying it. 
  • Oatmeal: This food option is recommended by doctors, as this one is very healthy and filling food. You can consume it as your lunch as well. 
  • Watermelon: This is watery food and filling as well. This is the best fruit option, which has no acidic proportion in it. 
  • Fennel seeds: Having these seeds in your food will keep your stomach cool and will give you a calm effect always. 
  • Ginger: You can avoid caffeine for one day and try ginger tea, and you will get the best health effect. 

Foods to avoid in acid reflux

  • Tea and coffee: Caffeine is not good for everyone. You have to stay away from beverages that contain caffeine. 
  • Carbonated soft drinks: This may give you a momentary relief from acid reflux, but it’s not good for your health. You can always choose caffeine-free tea instead of this. 
  • Peppermint: It may fool you by giving you momentary relief, but it is not good for your overall health. So, the best thing will be to avoid it. 
  • Chocolate: This can trigger acid reflux issues more. So, the best recommendation will be to avoid chocolate, no matter how much you like it. 
  • Orange: This is infused with acidic parts, so, if you suffer from acid reflux, you must avoid this fruit. 
  • Tomatoes: You may use tomato sauce and other food items; you must avoid this vegetable at any cost. 
  • Alcohol: Your sedentary lifestyle will not cure the acidity issue. So, stay away from alcohol at any cost. 
  • Fried foods: Any fried food item can cause severe acid reflux inside the body. So it’s better to avoid fried food. 
  • Late-night eating: If you love snacks, you need to avoid that habit. Your midnight snacks problem will not cure the GERD issue. 

You need to talk to your doctor if the issue of GERD is not curing even after you have cut off the food you must avoid. You have to consult the physician as soon as possible.