Types of Fashion Photography in a Photography Studio

Fashion photography is a well-known photography genre and is very competitive. It is essential to know the multiple kinds of photography types that will provide you with the edge you require to impress your clients.

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You can practice different types of fashion photography in a high-end fashion photography studio. Some of them are discussed below:
  1. Catalog Photography

Catalog photography is one of the simplest types of fashion photography. The objective is to sell specific clothing, and the focus point is the garment. It is an apt place to start in fashion photography before you move to other styles. It’s a kind of product photography. The only difference between product and catalog photography is that you have a model in the latter one. Despite that, the focus always remains on the clothing.

The backdrop of the images is generally plain. Most photographers use grey and white colors, mostly. There are lesser props and accessories. The models usually stand straight to showcase the outfit. However, at times they can also strike a pose to show multiple aspects of the clothing. You call an offshoot catalog photography a Lookbook. It blends in catalog photography along with lifestyle photography and includes models with creative backdrops.

  1. High fashion photography

High fashion is what you get to see on the cover of your best magazine. However, from a photographer’s perspective, it includes supermodels in poses wearing designer and fashionable clothing. All the elements of the photography get aimed at creating a perfect image.

However, creating this perfect image is challenging. You always have to deal with challenges such as the correct backdrop, the visual effects, the wardrobe, hair, make-up, models, and lighting. Even if you have everything else decided, you need to know everything that will make the final image look appealing and glamorous. One of the initial things to consider here is the mood you want to create for the photography. There is no need to be specific, and you can experiment based on your inspiration. However, it is an excellent place to start conceptualizing.

  1. Editorial fashion photography

This fashion photography tells a story! You will find examples of it in newspapers and magazines. The pictures usually come with a text, and that might explain multiple subjects. The editorial fashion images can also depict the story themselves, or they can suggest an interesting backstory. Generally, you will find that editorial fashion photographs are part of any concept or theme, or it can also relate to any specific model or designer.

The main objective here is to create a certain mood that depicts a story. The pictures might include one or many brands and multiple image styles, from long distance to close-up shots. It means there are likely to be numerous shots that will need several devices along with different types of hairstyles, clothing, and make-up on the models. You might also need several props and backdrop changes.

When you have a high-end production and photography studio, you can experiment with any photography techniques mentioned above.