Types of Employee Monitoring You Need To Know

The type of employee monitoring varies depending on the software and the industry you are in. Each monitoring tool offers a different range of capabilities and data. Many employees see this process as an invasion of privacy or feel like micromanagement.

1. Time Tracking and File Tracking

The employee productivity tracking software provides employees with the power to clock in and clock out with just the touch of a button. Employee tracking allows employees to record how long they worked each day and the time spent on specific projects or tasks. Managers can use this data to estimate future budgets and to see what was worked on that day.

2. Internet and App Usage

As an employer, you might be concerned about how your employees are using the internet, especially if they have access to the web. Are they wasting time on funny YouTube videos or sending time to work? Loss of time can cost your business billions at the very least. Therefore, employing stringent employee monitoring practices can come in handy. The monitoring tools can limit online distractions by blocking or deterring workers from accessing unproductive sites when around their workplaces.

3. Screen Video and Capture

Experts claim that if you increase observation, you increase productivity. Before, people assumed that constant physical supervision and micromanagement were the best way of employee monitoring. It is costly and frustrating for employees, especially if they have to redo projects after being dismissed before they even start. Technology now allows employees to view screenshots of their teams to ensure everyone is focused on the right priorities.

4. Keylogging

It poses some risks like reading passwords which might make employees nervous if sensitive information leaks to the other staff. Someone cannot tell if their keystrokes are being recorded.

5. Tracking Location

Companies track the location of employees’ mobile phones where they use GPS functionality in a company vehicle, personal or work phone to determine where their employees are at a specific time. Employers can watch the crew on sight if they are working when they are scheduled. Mainly used by companies with field service teams to estimate arrival times to give their clients accurate information.

6. Email, Phone, and Voicemail

Vital, especially when settling disputes in courts where the court can order examination of a person’s email to solve a crime. The evidence can help identify other issues before they occur and create problems. Listening to your employees’ calls can help you figure out what employees are planning to do or help you find out why an employee performs poorly.

Theemployee productivity tracking softwareis the use of technology to track the effects that affect employee productivity. You can see the activities employees carry out and understand how productive employees are. It is essential to read about employee tracking before implementing this process to avoid overdoing it. The goal should be to serve the business goals and improve your organization’s health. To boost productivity, ask the experts about the best ways to track and train your employees about their productivity issues.

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