Types of Civil Testing Equipment

Civil testing equipment is used in quality control processes. It is connected with the analysis of concrete, soil, steel, mortar and cement. This equipment provides customers with repeatable and accurate results. This testing equipment analyzes moisture content, permeability and hardness. There are many types of civil testing equipment.

  • Tube sampler for packaged cement

 This sampler is used for sampling of cement from bags. It consists of a brass tube and at one end it carries wooden handle and at another end it is bevelled. Near the handle, air hole is provided and approximately 300c is the volume of the sampling tube and can collect in one operation approximately 750g of cement.

  • Slotted tube sampler for bulk cement

It is used for sampling of cement from ship’s hold and wagons. There are two telescopic brass tubes with slots along their lengths in these samplers. For collecting the sample the slots can be opened and by rotating the inner tube it can be closed. There is a conical end in the tube for easy penetration. These samplers can be used up to 2m depth and are between 1.5 to 1.8 m long with about 35 mm O.D used for sampling from ship’s hold and are about 60 m in length used for sampling from wagons.

  • 100 KN flexure testing machine with an auto pacing system

This machine is a state-of-the-art-machine. The machine total control is through the keyboard. It is through the touch panel display entry of the pacing rate either on stress or strain basis is programmed. In the process of test, there are displayed of readings on the digital display along with pace rate indication. The displayed reading accuracy is as per IS 1828 grade or BS 1610 grade ‘A’. There can also be a supply of machines to meet the norms of BS 1881. The system runs on 220 volts.

  • Portable compression testing machines (hand-operated)

These machines carry out compressive strength test on concrete tubes and mortar. To give structural stability the frame is welded type and its stability is not affected at all even with some eccentric loading. The frame lower plate has integral jack/bolted jack and frame lower plate carries spherical seating. The pump of special type is attached to the loading unit with the concentric plunger and with minimum effort pressure can be created to the maximum. Without taking load outer plunger is to fill the gap and when the gap is closed it gets automatically disconnected.

  • Electromagnetic digital sieve shaker

These sieve shakers have recently developed by HEICO for precision sieving test on soil and high performance. It can be used easily with a simple design and operated by electromagnetic action. A maximum of eight sieves of 150 mm or 200 mm diameter can be accommodated by the sturdy sieve table and an adjustable top clamping plate is provided to hold the sieves. 

  • Automatic compression testing machine (load/stress control)

It is capable of conducting compression tests on allied products and concrete specimens. In these testing machines loading is automatically controlled through an advanced hydraulic and electronic system. It consists of a hydraulic pumping unit, load frame and microprocessor-based digital indicator.

There is gas testing equipment which is used to check the safety of pipeline and gas pipework.