Types of Bathtub for Your Bathroom Renovation

Having a bathtub in the bathroom is a must for so many and as long as space allows it is a wonderful feature of any home. There are few things more rewarding than soaking yourself in a nice hot bath after a tough day at work, a hard workout or perhaps even just to relax and rejuvenate oneself. When renovating the bathroom you have many options in terms of which bathtub to invest in and today we are going to take a look at the main choices which you have, and how you may be able to decide between them.


Alcove tubs are the most common choice of the bathtub and that comes down to the fact that they are the cheaper and the easiest to install. These tubs are fitted into a 3 wall enclosure with panels that cover up the lower part of the tub. This is a great option for those who are especially challenged in the bathroom or those who are looking to work within a tight budget. Alcove bathtubs are just 60cm long but if you are looking to maximize space, this is the best choice.


Freestanding baths exude luxury and style and if you have the space and the money then they make for a perfect investment. These tubs are not attached to any wall and for that reason they are very easy to install.

The requirements for a tub like this are that you have the space to play with and that you have the plumbing in the right place, or that you are able to tweak the plumbing, in order to set the tub up. The downside of this tub is that you’ll be looking at around $3,000, and that is at the low end.


Corner tubs are a great option for those who just want a little more space than an alcove tub will allow, and they also have a real charm and sense of luxury about them. Not only is the tub bigger with a corner option, but you also get that little bit extra in the corner which can be used for storage or even to install new bathroom mixers or a jacuzzi function. The corner tub is one notch below a freestanding choice, perfect for those who aren’t on a tight budget but who don’t want to go crazy with their spending.


Drop-in tubs require a structure which has been built to accommodate the tub, which is then dropped into the structure. These can be placed in an alcove but more often than not they are installed in more open space, close to a wall but not connected. These require open floor space and usually, you can find tubs like this starting from $1,300.

Choosing the Right Tub

Your choice will ultimately come down to how much space you have to play with and how much money you have to spend. The difference in price will not just be down to the type of bathtub which you are looking for, as much like bathroom sinks, there are multiple materials which you can choose from and each of those carries an extra cost.