Types Liquid Soap Dispenser Used on Daily Basis

Here are offer for heat dryers and non-heat dryers to meet the needs of specific facilities. Liquid soap dispenser Heat dryers provide heat and power, while non-heat dryers reduce heat consumption and limit energy costs.

Cleanliness is a top priority in any restaurant, hotel, school, or medical facility, so it is important to provide staff and guests with an effective way to wash and disinfect their hands. Liquid soap dispenser helps prevent the spread of bacteria and bacteria and reduce illness and days of illness. This guide describes different types of soap dispensers and ultimately helps you choose the right units, soaps, and accessories needed to maintain a hygienic environment.

Types of soap dispensers



  • Universal operation
  • Press the button to dispense
  • No battery for less maintenance
  • Traditional look


  • Prone to cross-contamination
  • May get dirty over time
  • Unable to control user serving size
  • Noble Chemical Novo Non-contact Foam Soap / Sanitizer Dispenser



  • Non-contact operation
  • Reduce mutual pollution
  • Modern look
  • Built-in convenient indicator light
  • Controlled split


Operates on batteries that contribute to additional costs

Manual dispenser

Manual Liquid soap dispenser requires less maintenance than automatic dispensers because they do not require battery replacement. Not only do they have a more traditional look, but each user can also control the amount of soap that is distributed to their hands.

1. Bag-in-box

Liquid soap

  • Ideal for busy kitchens and bathrooms
  • Simple and basic options
  • Designed for quick and convenient use
  • Efficient use of the entire internal dispenser space
  • Folding bag reduces product waste

2. Cartridge

  • Liquid soap dispenser
  • Liquid disinfectant
  • Liquid shampoo
  • Different cartridges make it a versatile option
  • Larger capacity for less replenishment


  • Foam soap
  • Effervescent disinfectant
  • Great for hotel and restaurant bathrooms
  • High-end options
  • The feel of luxurious foam
  • The fine consistency of soap does not clog the drain
  • Compact style for small spaces

3. Rechargeable

  • Bulk Liquid soap dispenser
  • Large amount of foam soap
  • Ideal for dressing rooms, kitchens, and industrial sites
  • The most economical option
  • Large amount of refilling requires less maintenance
  • No internal refill housing
  • Tends to spill or get confused

Counter mount

  • Bulk Liquid soap dispenser
  • Large amount of foam soap
  • Designed for kitchen or bathroom countertops
  • Make the soap easily accessible to users.

Automatic dispenser

Automatic dispensers help keep the facility clean by reducing mutual pollution between users. They have no contact to help stop the spread of bacteria, bacteria, and diseases. A more modern look automatic soap dispenser is a hygienic accessory for kitchens and bathrooms.

1. Wall

  • Bulk Liquid soap dispenser
  • Large amount of foam soap
  • Ideal for busy kitchens and bathrooms
  • High-end options
  • Movement is activated
  • Perfect and controlled part
  • Many have convenient indicator lights
  • Battery

2. Counter mount

  • Bulk Liquid soap dispenser
  • Large amount of foam soap
  • Designed for kitchen or bathroom countertops
  • Make the soap easily accessible to users.
  • Movement is activated
  • Perfect and controlled part
  • Many have convenient indicator lights
  • Battery



How often are soap dispensers used? If you have areas with low traffic, it is recommended that you consider purchasing a foamy liquid hand soap or a bottle of disinfectant. With an easy-to-dispensable push pump, you can place the bottle in a stainless steel sink in your bathroom, kitchen, or workstation for added convenience. If you have limited space on your counter or workstation, we recommend purchasing a wall mount for bottles of soap or disinfectant. When the bottle is empty, you can easily throw it away!


When deciding to buy a soap dispenser, consider where to place the dispenser. Do you want to install it in a small space? If so, we have a compact, space-saving unit specially designed for small kitchens and bathrooms. Do you want to put the dispenser on the sink? Make sure there is enough space between the sink and the dispenser so that guests can effectively collect the soap. It is recommended a gap of at least 6 inches from the bottom of the dispenser to the sink.

Pay special attention to lighting fixtures.

Not much attention is usually paid to lighting, and they are the bathroom accessories that most influence the transformation of the bathroom. You should always have more than one light fixture in the bathroom. You can have a ceiling light as the main light; these can be minimalist and modern or chandeliers. The second light source should be close to the mirror.


You can also think about the capacity of the soap dispenser. Here are offers for refills and cartridges ranging from 700 mL (23.6 oz.) To 4500 mL (152.2 oz.), and bulk soap per gallon. If you are adding a dispenser in a low traffic area, use a smaller dispenser to save wall space. In busy areas, use larger dispensers to reduce replenishment.


Paper towel

Add paper towels to your kitchen or bathroom to provide an easy way for staff and guests to dry their hands. Over-the-counter paper towels are available in a variety of sizes, creases, and colours. It is Ideal for restaurants, schools, offices, and facilities in the healthcare industry.

Paper towel dispenser

Whether it’s a traditional roll towel or a centre towel, our commercial paper towel dispensers are convenient and efficient. A variety of materials, styles, shapes and colours make a great addition to your bathroom and kitchen sink areas.

Combination of dispenser and trash 

Use one of the dispenser and trash can combinations to keep your bathroom tidy. These units combine two valuable inventories into one to distribute paper towels and collect waste, saving money and space. Easy to distribute in combination with compatible folded towels.

Guest towels and dispensers

A variety of paper guest towels are available for luxury hotels and restaurants. Place it on a plain or decorative guest towel rack so that guests can easily grab it after washing their hands.

Electric hand dryer

Would you like to clutter your warehouse with paper towels? Electric hand dryers provide a convenient way for customers to reduce the cost of paper towels while drying their hands. Not only is it more hygienic than traditional button towel dispensers, electric hand dryers are small and take up less wall space.

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