5 Types Of Civil Lawsuits You Should Be Aware Of

When it comes down to civil lawsuits, they are different from the criminal defense lawsuit. A civil lawsuit is all about getting the right compensation for the damages down. However, with criminal cases, the convicts are liable for the harsh punishments.

If you put the civil case in simple terms, it is a legal dispute between two parties. The process starts when one side feels like they have been wronged in one way or another, they can file a lawsuit against the respective individual or a group.

The purpose of civil lawsuits is not to punish the other side, instead to win compensation for the damages, injuries, or monetary settlements. You can know more about these things from civil lawyers in Delaware.

Types Of Civil Lawsuits That You Need To Be Aware Of

There are several types of civil lawsuits; however, if you look at the root causes, it can be segregated into the following types.

1. Injury Claims

One of the most common types of civil cases is injury claims. These claims can be filed against the business, individual, enterprise, or accidents due to negligence.

In cases like these, the plaintiff asks for punitive damage compensation. These compensations cover up all the monetary aspects that have been brought up by the other side of the party.

The injury claims for the tort claims can be further divided into three categories:

  • Negligence: These types of injuries happen due to the negligence of the other party. These injuries are unintentional. However, the other party is responsible for compensating for the injuries.
  • Intentional: A deliberate wrongdoing. This happens when someone intentionally harms the other party.
  • Strict liability: It is based on the strict duty to ensure that everyone is safe and secure. This does not require negligence of intent.

2. Contract Claims

Today, everything is validated with the contracts. No matter whether you are doing business or buying and selling properties, contracts have become one of the best ways to validate the deals. However, if the other party breaches this contract, you can file a civil lawsuit against them.

These lawsuits usually happen due to the following:

  • Disputes between tenants and landlord.
  • A dispute between contractor and homeowner.
  • Non-delivery purchases.
  • Violation of business agreements.
  • Defective products.

3. Equitable Claims

Equitable claims consist of plaintiffs requesting the court to ask the other party to refrain their action from doing something. This type of claim is not about monetary compensation; however, these types of claims are done to restrict future accruing losses.

Equitable Claims might ask the courts for the following request.

  • Stopping any event.
  • Order for property repairs.
  • Order to change the policy.
  • Stopping developers from constructing buildings due to safety measures.

4. Class Action Claims

Class action claims are similar to tort claims. Except the plaintiff was substituted with a group of people. These types of claims are done by a group of people for monetary compensation. Here the defendant is mostly corporations of enterprises who have been negligent about the injuries accrued by their employees.

Here are some of the examples of Class Action Claims.

  • A company that lacks a safe working environment.
  • Defective mechanical parts have been caused by several accidents.
  • A company that has been involved in fraudulent activity against the people.

5. Complaint Against The City

There have been cases when people are not satisfied with how the city federal government works in maintaining the hygiene of the society. If a group of people is not happy with how the city has been negligent about these things, they can file a lawsuit against the city or the federal government. These types of cases might also involve someone’s civil rights.


Civil lawsuits can be complicated sometimes. Hence, it is necessary that you take help from professionals to understand your case and how you can move forwards with the case.

Here in this article, we have covered the root types of civil lawsuits. No matter what case you see in the civil courtroom, you can easily filter them out under these types.

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