Two ways to apply for a general trading license

A general trading license is a business process you need to fulfill before starting your business. It works as a legal permit that gives you the freedom to carry trading of your business goods.

A general trading license in Dubai allows the company to sell a variety of products, including apparel, accessories, and technology, to name a few. Additionally, with a general license, it is evident that the goods do not have to be related to each other. Therefore, getting a license will help you regulate all the goods and provide them to the related customer.

There are several things that you need to fulfill to meet the requirement to get the license. A general license allows business owners to utilize a single license to conduct all of their trade operations. All general trading companies in Dubai, with a trade license, get the freedom to become a significant participant in the supplier’s market. It will grant permission to distribute necessary products to firms throughout the region.

Furthermore, if you have a trading license, the things you trade do not have to be related to each other. As a result, you may trade in an expansive range of items, including model trains and even jewelry. However, if you are delivering any medical product, you must constantly adhere to the safety requirements.

Ways to apply for a general trading license

You must remember certain things before applying for the license if you are a general trading company. First, there are two ways of acquiring a trading license. Let us understand the two ways in detail.

General Trading license from Dubai Economy

A trading license would enable you to participate actively in UAE regional commerce and build a warehouse and workplace anywhere around the country. In addition, there are no limits to the number of permits or business licenses that you can obtain. You may hire people based on the amount of commercial space you have.

In Dubai, an investor could hold 100% of a mainland firm and get a General Trading License. To get a General Trading License in Dubai, the owner agreement and some other associated papers must be filed towards the Dubai Economy.

Benefits of getting a license from Dubai Economy (DED)

There are several benefits of getting a license from the Dubai Economy.

  • All commercial transactions inside Dubai are entitled to a 5% VAT, which represents a considerable tax saving as compared to certain other Asian and European areas.
  • DED’s General Trading company License allows you to open a business in any location in Dubai and actively engage in the regional supermarket.
  • The procedure of forming a company in the UAE mainland is simple. The most popular company structure among investors is a limited liability company (LLC).
  • It also ensures that all the employees that you will hire will get visas without the hassle. A visa quota is also given based on the type of license the general trader opts for.

General Trading License from Dubai Free zones

The Dubai Free Zones make the procedure of forming a corporation straightforward. They provide eccentric low-cost general trading license options to meet the needs of any investors. For recruiting personnel, UAE Free Zones provide Multi-Year General Trading License Packages with different types of Residence Visa Quotas.

Most Free Zones provide three-year resident permits in the form of an add-on for entrepreneurs who want to hire people to work in their offices. Due to the superior logistics and warehousing assistance offered within the Free Zones. The Free Zone General Trade License allows investors to indulge in international trade easily.

UAE Free Zones are a popular alternative for getting a General Trading License here. They have no customs duty on imports, a dedicated customs inspection on the premises, and the freedom to trade both in and out of Dubai. 

Benefits of getting a license from Free Zones

There are several benefits that you get when you apply for a general trading license Dubai Free Zones.

  • It provides 100% ownership to the expatriate.
  • The owner is in total control of the business every time. Additionally, no governmental body interferes in the processes of the business.
  • The sum taken as a fee for licensing is fixed and remains the same over the years.
  • There is no requirement for performing an annual audit round the year.
  • There is no direct connection to the other labor departments.
  • The owner has full rights at the time of repatriation.
  • The owner becomes eligible for obtaining the certificate of tax residency.


Getting a trading license helps you to trade your products easily in the market. However, the two types of licenses allow you to trade easily in the different sectors of the market. Hence, you are acquiring various benefits just because of the possession of two licenses. These licenses extend innate power to their owner.