Two key steps to choosing the best software for recruitment agencies

Every proactive recruiter and their staffing agency realize how a good recruitment agency software affects the trajectory of a recruiter’s workflow. If you’re a recruiter who is still undecided about the benefits of investing in a CRM recruitment software, then it is time to look at why competing agencies are performing so well.

Tech tools have a fundamental role in any modern business. They boost and shape the efficiency of the employees as well as the effectiveness of the work they produce.

In recruitment where competition is rife and time is vital, the right type of recruitment database software and other tech tools enhance the success of the work. In short, deciding to incorporate the best software for recruitment agencies make hiring top talent easier.

Make use of free demo offers

Arranging for product demonstrations is the next step once you’ve commenced your search for a great CRM recruitment.

It’s not advisable to purchase any software without observing it in action. Whether it is a temps software or perm one, or even an executive search software for head-hunters, software demos are a necessity.

The majority of software vendors offer free online demonstration of the software system. Taking up such offers can provide a much-needed insight into how each software system works and whether they can match up to the needs of the recruitment agency.

If you’re in charge of seeking the best recruitment agency software, you must book as many product demos as possible. Get a few colleagues to join you in these demos. An experienced sales consultant will demonstrate how to navigate the system and show you their star features.

Typically, recruiters have a basic understanding of the product before stepping into the demo. One can get rudimentary information by going through the product website. This provides an idea of what to expect as well as the kind of questions to ask the consultant. At this stage, it is necessary to know your agency’s pain points and the potential solutions to the challenges.

For instance, your agency might be contemplating turning remote. And you want to know if you should get cloud-based recruitment software for your mid-sized organisation. Or you have frequent problems with carrying out compliance checks. Is there an IR35 software that can make recruiting easier?

Don’t hesitate to ask all the questions and clear any doubts. Apart from software features, there are other important issues to note and discuss such as integration with other tools, software’s ease-of-use, budget, etc.

All of these are critical points and must be discussed thoroughly.Many vendors are willing to present a free second demo if you have further questions.

The importance of customer care

While ensuring the suitability of software features and budget are pivotal for the ultimate decision-making, many buyers often tend to overlook the importance of post-implementation care.

Recruitment is fast-paced. The top talent is easily snapped up. Therefore, if recruiters want to find, engage, and place skilled candidates, they must work faster and better than their counterparts.

Modern recruiting practices have introduced the necessity of keeping customers engaged during the hiring process. And with the data being stored on the agency’s recruitment software, the CRM software needs to be constantly accessible. Any technical issues can hamper the recruitment process.

Now, in such a case, if the customer support provided by the software vendor is of poor quality, then it will hinder the workflow and the business. Recruiters must ensure that they will get excellent post-implementation customer care and support.


Nishi Singh is a professional journalist and editor in New Delhi. She has studied Mass Communication from National Institute of Mass Communication.