Turning VPS into Home Server

Do you know how much of your private data is on third-party servers? Are you aware that these service providers determine what happens to your data and whom they might sell them to? With VPS, you can set your private home server just with a few clicks. You can even sign up to anonymous VPS, and you will host all your data privately and anonymously. Anonymous hosting is becoming one of the most popular hosting solutions these days.

Do we even care where our data are hosted? We’ve got pictures on Instagram and Flickr, videos on Youtube, calendars, notes, and addresses on Google, and in many cases, the entire lifeline on Facebook. But the truth is, you can host your data yourself and still make it fully available to your friends, family, or the whole world in such a way that you are in total control. The easiest way is to turn VPS or Virtual Private Server into your private home server.

These days quite popular has become anonymous VPS or anonymous hosting. Anonymous VPS is like any other VPS, except you don’t have to provide any personally identifiable information like ID copy or bill slips when signing up. Not even email or SMS verification is required. Anonymous hosting doesn’t accept credit cards or bank transfers when it comes to billing. Anonymous VPS service fees are payable only by cryptocurrency, mostly bitcoin.

Anonymous VPS hosting provides the benefits of a dedicated server for a much affordable price. Thanks to virtualization, the bare metal server is virtually divided into multiple, isolated virtual servers. Each virtual server has dedicatedly allocated a fixed number of resources such as vCPU, RAM, SSD, and bandwidth.

Why should you host yourself?

In the centralized internet, governments and private companies can spy, analyze, and influence people. In decentralized internet, data are hosted differently, often anonymously without being easily compromised. Self-hosting implies owning a server, but since renting a server can be a bit expensive, anonymous VPS offers widely available, secure hosting plans at an unmatched price.

With anonymous VPS, you’ll get complete control of your data and services. Your pictures, videos, chat messages, browsing history, and anything else you share, upload, or download have nothing to do on somebody else’s server. It should be on your server, controlled by you. All these data are part of your private life, your family’s life, and your friend’s life. Therefore, you should manage all these data, not a public company that wants your data to analyze and sell the results.

Do you like to explore new possibilities and customize things? Have you ever dreamed of running a Minecraft server for your friends or a persistent IRC or XMPP client? With your very own anonymous VPS server, you can install and run any program you want. Full root access essentially gives you the highest level of access to your anonymous virtual server. With this kind of access, you can install third-party applications, tune security settings, and deliver the best VPS performance. Root access gives you the ability to do anything you want on or to your virtual server.

How to set VPS for home server

To manage the data with your own services, some operating system is required. All you need is a backend for setting up the users and services and a frontend via which the installed services can be called. If you want to control your data and services yourself, there is plenty of free, open-source software for managing private data. The ideal choice as a ready-to-use self-hosting service for home servers might be YunoHost, CapRover, or Cloudron. All you need is to choose the most suitable anonymous VPS plan and install the operating system. Remember to set your SSH key. SSH protocol is necessary to secure log-in remotely from one system into another. Its strong encryption makes it ideal for remote file transfer, network management, and remote operating system access. SSH keys improve security and also enable the automation of connected processes.


I hope this article helped you understand the importance of your data control and privacy. With self-hosting, you can take responsibility and be in charge of your online data. Anonymous VPS offers a secure, scalable, isolated, and affordable self-hosting solution. With anonymous hosting plans, you’ll be able to take complete advantage of full root access and enjoy all benefits of having your data self-hosted.