How to turn your startup into a brand? 5 Ways to get started now!

You will have oodles of fun when starting a new business. You may also start thinking of future possibilities concerning this startup as you dream to make it big. But things change drastically when you see that your offerings are not visible to the people in the market. It is painfully agonizing to realize that what you thought you created is awesome, is not seen by anyone. No one even cares about your offerings. So, you will examine what went wrong. Fortunately, there is only one thing that can create an instant impact on the customers when you go to sell products – Branding. And when you decide upon creating a brand, more problems follow as it is more than merely marketing your product.


When you think of turning your startup into a brand, do these to get started:


Registering it legally

You are nowhere close to making it a brand without taking a legal course to register it. First of all, you need to decide the business structure and then get the name. So, if you are a small, home-based business then a sole proprietorship is the best option. If you are into a specific profession and with with other professionals, like running a dental clinic or a legal advisory and accounting firm then go for LLP registration in India. There are other options as well if you are looking to grow as a company wherein you can opt for private limited company registration.


Here, you will have the opportunity to get a legal name for your business. Remember, it can be different as well. For example, PayTM is a brand but OneCommunications Pvt. Ltd. is the company name. Similarly, you can choose the company name and either opt to continue it as a brand or you can choose a different name to market your business. Now, if you are choosing a different name then make sure to protect it using your intellectual property rights. This way, you can have a legal backing ready for the brand so that you do not jeopardize its reputation when it grows.


Starting a Digital Journey

You will have to go glocal at some point in a business wherein you stay where you started – staying true to your roots and still cater to clients globally. This is only possible if you are present on the web and can be accessed by any prospective customers. You will have to start with a website design to begin this journey that will have content reflecting the values your brand carries. Also, it will have the voice and tone in its message along with the artwork demonstrating a brand’s unique identity.


It is but obvious that startups are no match to the financial capabilities of established organizations. Therefore, to compete with them, your startup should not suffer any major blow in the marketing expenses. Start by finding ways to cut down the costs of your product design, marketing activities, and finding ways to meet the creative needs by hiring freelancers and opting to crowdsource graphics, or launching the contest over Instagram. The marketing environment plays a critical role when you start your digital journey that will save the time of your key marketers that goes in audience identification, engagement, and management.

You also ensure playing it right with all the visual brand elements like logo, colors, typography, etc. making your brand’s visual environment as a creative sandbox to play around. Stay on top of the brand everywhere you carry the brand in the digital market. You will have to enable all the necessary tools that help you leverage the customers’ association with the brand.


Marketing it on Social Media

Marketing is nothing short of a flurry of activities to promote your brand. You will end up doing a lot of activities to stay on top of the game be it social media, digital marketing, or on-ground activation events. Use your brand as a long-term marketing tool to communicate better to the customers. It begins with creating a larger visual and verbal brand environment to conduct marketing activities around it. Again, putting it out on social media is easier said than done. It needs to have a certain structure that forms a part of your startup’s identity by way of consistency, structure, and active ideation. All these cumulates to give your brand a certain recognition amongst its target audience. Marketing involves communication and when we speak of it, there are many things that a marketer should consider right from the logo design of the brand and trademark it to creating marketing messages, designing actionable guidelines for the end-users, and crafting a marketing funnel. Each of these things will require you to follow the voice and tone consistency. There are many ways to achieve it.


How to achieve consistency in communicating brand voice and tone?

Never leave the part of your voice and tone to chance as these may have serious repercussions on your branding activities that may also lead to facing backlash in branding activities. To create an authentic brand experience, you will need to carry the same voice and tone across all the platforms – social media and otherwise. Remember that the end-users communicate with the brand very often and sometimes miscommunication is also a possibility. Do not miss out on creating a vital business bond with the customers by way of brand voice and tone.

To understand the difference between the two, know that voice matters more than the tone as it becomes part of a brand’s personality. Meaning, it is a static characteristic of your brand, unlike tone which represents the mood of the message that you are communicating at the moment.


Conclusion: Mixing the ingredients and being consistent

It is important to remember that brands are there to evolve with time and not fall back or stop growing with time. Adapting to the market demands, consumer behaviour, and product development – everything will change the way how your brands work. Start by creating a style guide to keep the aesthetics of communication consistent at every step of evolution. Brands will need to stay cohesive throughout multiple stages of your design project. Across every function, remember to stay consistent because that’s the only way to retain your brand image with changing times and customers.