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17th June 2022, marked the date of our 10th live draw with the Grand Prize being Rs.50,000. The draw was organized at the Plan A Studios, Linking Road, Khar West and streamed live on our Social Media pages.

As excited as we were there was the nerve-racking element too. The live session started at 7:30 and to our surprise it was going all well. We were super thrilled to announce the name of our 12th Winner, the Winner of Rs.50,000 was Sujata Prabhu with coupon number –

#SAP-6022-COM-000191. During our live session we called her to give the overwhelming news. At first she couldn’t believe what she heard and was in extreme awe. As our conversation proceeded, she mentioned that she wasn’t in the best of financial conditions and is so delighted to be a part of the Sapane family, not solely because she won but for the fact that she has become a pillar to support less fortunate children in India.

Hear what Sujata Prabhu had to say – June 2022, Winner of INR 50,000

– Sujata Prabhu

The experience teaches us to expect the unexpected as you never know what joy may come in your life. At Sapane.in we give you the opportunity to be a part of an unforgettable journey where you are rewarded for helping someone in need. We are affirmative that in life you may have done some charity so why not choose Sapane.in today.

About Sapane.in

Sapane.in is the bridge between your wants and the needs of the underprivileged children in India.The website features two types of campaigns, one is a quantity based campaign with a limited number of

products for sale and once all products are sold a date is announced and a live draw is held to announce the winner.

The second is a time based campaign with unlimited products for sale and the draw is held every month.Both the campaigns follow the same rule, purchase the product and you stand a chance to win cash prizes and luxury items. Donate your product and you receive a second chance to win.

Have you ever donated in the past? If yes, have you been rewarded for the same? If not this is your chance, Sapane.in is your platform to Shop, Donate and Win big. Creating an expectation for your donations.Do visit our website or download our app from Google Play Store or the App Store.

All donations are sent to our NGOs, which are Sr.Adorers Navajyothi in Mapusa, Goa and Vivekanand Balakashram in Thane, Maharashtra

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