Turn all that traffic into revenue: Your guide to SEO marketing

Can you guess how many blog posts get published in a day? 

To begin with, WordPress users publish more than 2 million posts every day. Figuratively, that comes down to about 24 blog posts every second. So, while you have been reading the last four sentences, approximately 216 blog posts have probably already been published. What’s interesting is, this is just on WordPress. If we were to count all blog posts, that number would have surely gone higher. 

While this kind of makes it tough to stand out, you have to do it if you really want to make your blog a successful one. This can be possible only by making use of effective SEO strategies in order to drive more traffic to your website. As a consequence, showing up on the first page of Google can actually be the deciding factor between a business that’s thriving and doing its best and one that has gone bankrupt. However, the question is, what does SEO really mean? Of course, we all know what it stands for, but what is it exactly that you need to optimize? Is it the design or is it the writing? Well, maybe it’s the links? 

Yes, yes and yes – it is all of that and more! 

Give ‘em what they want! 

Just imagine – You’re the owner of an e-commerce website that sells clothing and accessories. A customer wants to buy a pair of denims and conducts a Google search for the best denims online. You have already worked on a comprehensive blog post that talks about choosing the best denims for yourself, including brand information as well as recommendations for all sorts of denims. 

So, the visitor reads the article and at the end of it, you have a lead. Now, all the visitor has to do is sign up for your mailing list. A few days later you can even send out a coupon code for your online store along with images of the pretty dreams that your site has in store. The customer instantly realises that you have exactly what they need and in fact, the discount incentivizes immediate sale. It is pretty clear that SEO and conversion rate optimization work hand-in-hand. So, if you meet your audience’s expectations and demands by helping them find what they want, you are bound to secure a customer.

Conduct thorough keyword research 

Quite a few years ago, all you had to do was pick a keyword out of thin air and then write an article on it and struggle all the way to make it rank the following day. To our delight, SEO doesn’t work like that anymore. If you are looking for help in finding keywords related to your business and niche, you may consider hiring a local SEO company as well. Hiring a professional agency to do your SEO related work can help you save time, energy as well as resources. However, if you are planning to just get started, you may begin with a broad keyword. For example, if you offer dog boarding, you may begin with a keyword like dog kennels

Get quality backlinks 

As boring as it may sound, backlinks are a major factor that helps in ranking your website better. Here’s a secret – when high quality sites link to yours, Google perceives the link as a sign of your site’s credibility. So, by building a solid backlink profile, your pages will definitely climb up the ranks! 

While SEO can be quote complex for starters, once you get the hang of it, your pages shall rank higher than your competitors. If you are looking for a reputed SEO marketing agency offering affordable SEO packages, your search ends at RepIndia!