Turkey Visa Requirements for Australian Citizens

Turkey Visa Requirements for Australians

Australian citizens looking to travel to Turkey need an electronic visa (e-Visa). It provides the fastest and easiest method of getting permission for their visit.

Australian nationals planning a business or leisure trip to Turkey must first apply online for an electronic visa from Turkey before arriving there. To gain this travel authorization, applicants must meet specific e-Visa criteria set out by Turkey for Australian nationals.

What Is an Australian Citizens Turkey E-Visa, and What Can It Do?

The Turkey Visa for Australian Citizens  is an electronically issued visa that enables its owner to visit Turkey either for commercial or tourism reasons.

Australian citizens staying for less than 90 days may use this visa multiple times within this timeframe and also travel throughout Turkey.

Australians seeking entry to Turkey through an e-Visa need only go through an application process online via Turkey’s e-Visa application system.

Australian citizens find the e-Visa application process straightforward and effortless.

Australia is among over 100 nations that can apply online for an e-Visa for Turkey, meaning Australian passport holders could potentially gain entry without visiting a Turkish consulate or embassy.

Australian Citizens who wish to visit Turkey require an eVisa. For more information about requirements please see here – Australian Citizen Travelling to Turkey

Australian citizens seeking a tourist visa online for Turkey must meet certain criteria when applying. Specifically:

The passport must be valid for at least 60 consecutive days from the length of stay in Turkey.

Your email address must be entered correctly so as to be approved for an e-Visa in Turkey.

Payment will be required via credit or debit card to cover the costs.

Candidates may also be requested to submit additional documentation in support of their application.

Travelers may travel to Turkey within 180 days from when their visa was issued, however, if travel plans change it is necessary for another e-Visa application as travel dates cannot be modified.

If the passport used for application has been damaged, lost, stolen, or becomes ineligible the applicant can request a replacement e-Visa for Turkey using their new Australian passport.

Are Australians Required to Hold an e-Visa for Turkey?

Australian citizens require a visa in order to visit Turkey.

Tourists and business travelers visiting Turkey should submit an application for an e-Visa system before traveling into the country.

Australians can quickly obtain entry visas to Turkey using this straightforward process, without needing to leave home or travel anywhere for it. Applications may be submitted from any device with internet access and can even be submitted on mobile phones!

Therefore, the Turkey e-Visa for Australians helps save time that would otherwise have been spent traveling to an official Turkish consulate or embassy for visa application.

Australians can also obtain other kinds of Turkey visas.

Australian citizens planning to relocate or study in Turkey require more than an e-Visa; instead, they should submit an application for a residence or work visa at either their nearest Turkish consulate or embassy.

Australian travellers planning to stay more than 90 days for tourism or business purposes in Turkey require the long-stay Turkish visa instead of an electronic visa.

Are You Planning To Arrive In Turkey From Australia With A Visa

Residents of Australia do have the possibility of getting their visa upon arriving in Turkey; however, this process could take several hours at border controls and doesn’t guarantee entry.

Before taking the risk of being deported back home, Australian citizens are strongly encouraged to apply for and secure a Turkey e-Visa early.

Turk e-Visa Benefits for Australians

Australians applying for the Turkey e-Visa online have the greatest advantage.

Travelers are now able to visit Turkey without going through cumbersome formalities at consulates or embassies.

Australian travellers visiting Turkey can apply for their e-Visa at any point before their planned travel begins, providing peace of mind that you have obtained authorization to enter before arriving in Turkey.

How can I apply for and obtain the Turkey e-Visa for Australia?

Australian passport holders can easily apply for an e-Visa to Turkey by filling out an online e-Visa request form.

Visitors should provide personal and passport details as well as travel plans when arriving in Turkey.

Travelers should complete an e-Visa form at least 48 hours in advance of departure.

Passport control officers at points of entry into Turkey can electronically verify an e-Visa; however, for your own protection and in case any problems arise with border security systems. It is advisable to also have a paper version available as a backup.

What can I expect when applying electronically for my Turkey Visa from Australia?

An email link for downloading an electronic visa will be sent directly to the Australian tourist who registered his or her email address during the application procedure.

Australians traveling to Turkey should bring along a copy of their Turkey e-Visa as it will ensure smoother passage.

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