Turkey Visa Online Requirements for Chinese Citizens

Turkey Visa online Requirements for Chinese Citizens

Electronic Visa System makes applying for a Turkish visa simple for Chinese nationals.

In 2013, the Turkish government launched the Turkey e-Visa to assist foreign travelers, such as Chinese citizens. It replaced its earlier “sticker visa”.

Turkey’s electronic visa for Chinese nationals offers visitors many advantages when visiting. Completing the online application takes only minutes, eliminating the need to file documents at an embassy.

What Is an E-Visa for Chinese Passport Holders to Turkey?

Turkey e-Visa can be used as an electronic travel visa that will remain valid up to 180 days post-issue date, providing Chinese travelers with important features of an e-Visa that make travel simpler and quicker. This policy highlights some key benefits provided by an e-Visa from Turkey for Chinese travelers.

China will allow Chinese visitors to stay for 30 days after gaining a single entry permit.

Turkey Visa for Residents of China provides residents of China with a viable means of entering Turkey on transit or business trips, whether by land, air, or sea. It allows access to enter China easily.

Chinese passport holders who hold valid visas no longer need to visit consular or embassy offices to apply for and secure an entry visa for Turkey – they can now do it all from home! With this convenient online visa option, Chinese nationals are no longer bound by consular or embassy procedures and can obtain one directly at home.

Chinese citizens looking to visit or move to Turkey for academic or professional reasons should contact the Turkish Embassy in Beijing about which travel document would best meet their needs.

Turkey Visa for Chinese Citizens

Chinese travelers who meet certain requirements can apply online for a visa to Turkey.

The following items are required for applying for an e-Visa of Turkey for Chinese nationals:

Please ensure your passport is valid for at least 60 calendar days after the travel date.

Each passport typically contains at least two blank pages.

Credit or Debit Cards.

Email address | Page 4 When arriving in Turkey, Chinese applicants should ensure their passports remain valid for at least 60 days after leaving home. Should their travel document expire earlier than anticipated, Chinese nationals should renew it quickly prior to making an application for an e-Visa.

Before embarking on their international travel plans, Chinese citizens should familiarise themselves with all requirements necessary for international travel.

Turkey E-Visa Application Form for Chinese Passport Holders

The Turkey E-Visa Application Form is an online survey with straightforward questions that typically take less than 15 minutes to complete.

Chinese applicants will need to provide the following information:

Personal information such as your name and date of birth (nationality and name).

Passport information (number, date, and expiration date of passport issued)

Your travel itinerary (dates of travel ticket confirmation and accommodation reservations).

Chinese citizens visiting Turkey must bring the passport they used when applying for an e-Visa e. This is particularly important if they hold dual citizenship or require replacement prior to travel.

As your application form cannot be edited post-submission, it is vital that all information submitted be accurate and updated accordingly.

Are Chinese children eligible for an electronic visa in Turkey?

Yes, visitors from China need an electronic visa for Turkey which includes minors.

Parents or guardians can fill out online visa application forms on behalf of their dependent children and submit them on their behalf.

How Can Chinese Travelers Acquire Their Turkey E-Visa?

Chinese applicants will be informed via email of their successful e-Visa application for Turkey.

Chinese visitors to Turkey must print an image of their e-Visa and present it at passport control points when arriving.

Chinese citizens must remember that visa upon arrival is not valid for them as nationals of China; to travel properly they need an e-Visa or other travel document in place prior to traveling.

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