Turkey Visa Application Process for Canada Citizens

Turkey visa for Canada citizens

Canada is among the countries in which citizens may apply for an electronic visa from Turkey, also known as an eVisa. The Turkey e-Visa requirements for Canadians are straightforward.

Canadian travelers planning an expedition to Turkey can apply for their visa online through the simple and quick Turkey e-Visa application process.

Since 2013, when e-Visa was introduced, its digital system has dramatically reduced the time required to apply for travel visas to Turkey.

Turkey Online E-Visa can be used as either a single-entry or multiple-entry visa that allows a stay between 30 to 90 days depending on the passport holder’s nationality and allows travel throughout Turkey.

Canadian passport holders seeking an e-Visa to Turkey must fill out and submit an online application.

Turkey Visa Application Process

Canadian applicants seeking an e-Visa for Turkey must meet certain criteria in order for their application to be accepted.

Do I require a visa to enter Turkey if traveling from Canada?

Canadian citizens traveling to Turkey for either business or pleasure purposes can apply for an electronic Visa.

An advantage of applying for an e-Visa from Turkey for Canadians is that it does not involve visiting an embassy or consulate for approval.

Canadian travelers are permitted to stay in Turkey for up to 90 days with an e-Visa authorization issued from Turkey.

An electronic visa from Turkey allows multiple entries or single use. Its validity period extends up to 180 days after its issue date.

Canadian citizens wishing to study or work in Turkey require a special type of visa that can be obtained by applying at a Turkish consulate or embassy in their home country. Furthermore, if their stay exceeds 90 days for either work or leisure they must also submit an application for a long-term visa rather than applying electronically for one.

Canadian passport holders who hold an approved visa to Turkey don’t need to reapply for an e-Visa when traveling to Turkey.

Are Turkish Nationals Required to Acquire an eVisa before Traveling Abroad?

Canadian nationals planning to travel to Turkey for up to 90 days for business purposes will require a prior travel permit before entering Turkey.

Submitting an application for a Turkish e-Visa can make this process faster and simpler, providing users with a convenient online application form they can complete from home at their leisure.

Canadian citizens holding passports can now obtain an e-Visa-able Turkey visa quickly and conveniently through eVisa-able.com. It saves applicants time from waiting in consulates or embassies for approval of visa applications.

Canadian passport holders may submit an e-Visa application at any point prior to when their trip begins; it is however advised that an application be completed 48 hours prior to traveling.

Canada Citizens may apply online for an e-Visa in Turkey via this e-Visa Application Center.

Applying for a Turkey e-Visa that is available to residents of Canada is straightforward and can be completed online, just by filling out an application. In order to complete it successfully, applicants should provide all of the relevant details such as information required about them.

Your passport should be valid for at least 60 consecutive days following the end of your stay in Turkey.

An email address that can receive mail is required in order to apply for and approve an e-Visa from Turkey.

Your debit or credit card should be ready when paying any charges for services rendered.

Travelers may need to submit additional documents in support of their application, which the online system will notify them about once they select their country of citizenship and travel dates.

As part of the process of applying for a visa, it is imperative that all details provided during the application are correct and match those found on their passport.

Because e-Visas for Turkey will be electronically linked with your Canadian passport after approval, they must be presented upon entering Turkey.

If a passport has been lost, stolen, damaged, stolen, or invalidated it is also mandatory that an application for a replacement Turkey e-Visa with an updated Canadian passport be made. Should travel plans change they must apply for a new e-Visa as dates cannot be altered once issued.

Travelers must arrive in Turkey no later than 180 days from when their e-Visa was issued.

What will I get with my Turkey E-Visa from Canada?

Once a Turkey e-Visa application has been accepted and granted, it will be sent via mail directly to Canadian applicants.

Canadian citizens traveling to Turkey with an electronic visa should bring along a printed copy for showing to customs officials at the border. It is strongly suggested to print multiple copies.

Step One

Apply Online 


Confirm Payment


Obtain an Approved Visa Card

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