Turkey Visa Application Online

Turkey Visa Online (Electronic Travel Authorization)

Turkey Visa Online was introduced by the Government of Turkey in 2016, providing travelers with electronic travel authorization for up to three months of stay within Turkey. It can be applied online using this procedure.

What is an eVisa or an Online Visa in Turkey?

Turkey eVisa can be defined as an electronic document issued to citizens from eligible countries that allows entry into Turkey. Citizens who meet these criteria will need to fill out an application form on this site with personal and passport details in order to gain entrance.

Turkey E-Visa is a multiple entry visa that enables a stay of up to 90 days and is only valid for tourism and trade activities.

This Turkey Visa Online is valid for 180 days after it was issued and does not specify how long your stay should last within that 180-day window. Although your stay cannot extend past 90 days during that 180-day period, admission into Turkey can occur anytime within that 180-day window.

Turkey eVisas are electronic visas that connect directly with your passport. Turkey Passport officers can verify its validity at point-of-entry; for your own protection, it is wise to keep a copy of it sent directly via email as you’ll only have it for 30 days after receiving it.

How Long Will Turkey Visa Application Take to Process (eVisa Sample)? 4.1 What Documents Will Need to Submit Application (eVisa Sample)

Even though most applications for Turkey visas can be processed within 24 hours, we strongly suggest applying at least 72 hours in advance of when you want to visit or board your flight.

Applying for a Turkey Visa Online is an effortless and quick process that allows applicants to submit an online Turkey Visa Application within minutes – sometimes as few as five. After successfully submitting their application and payment has been made through one of over 100 currencies available (credit/debit cards/PayPal), all applicants including children will need to complete and submit the Turkey Visa Application and once granted will be sent directly to their email addresses.

Who Can Apply Online for a Turkish Visa

Foreign nationals traveling to Turkey for either business or tourism purposes must apply both for traditional visas as well as an electronic Travel Authorization is known as Turkey Visa Online. While traditional applications require visiting an embassy or consulate in person, citizens of Turkey who qualify for an eVisa may submit an electronic Application Form and obtain one electronically.

Apply for a Turkey Visa electronically on their tablet, mobile phone, or PC using the Turkey Visa Application form and get it sent right to their inbox! Holders from certain countries and territories can purchase Turkey visas online with a small fee before arriving – most nationalities listed can stay up to 90 days over 18 months period.

Passport holders from the following countries and territories can apply online for their Turkey Visa before arriving. Most nationalities listed have 90-180 day timeframes before their application must be received for processing.

Turkey Visa Online provides valid for 180 days; most nationalities can stay 90 days over any six-month period. Multi-entry is allowed.

Conditions for Travel to Schengen Nations, Ireland, United States, or UK: All nationalities require an active or Tourist Visa from one of these four nations in order to travel.

All nationals from Schengen states, Ireland, the United States, or the United Kingdom require a Residence Permit issued by one of these three entities in order to reside legally within Schengen countries.

Online Requirements for Applying for a Turkish Visa Online

Anyone applying for a Turkish eVisa must fulfill certain requirements:

An official passport is vital when traveling internationally.

Passports must remain valid for at least six months post-departure date in Turkey.

Your passport should include at least one blank page to permit Customs officers to mark it and stamp your travel document.

An active Email ID

In order to apply for a Turkey Visa online, applicants will require an authentic Email identification in order to complete the Turkey Visa Application application form.

Since the Turkey Visa Application form can only be completed online without a physical counterpart, all transactions will take place via Secure PayPal’s payments gateway.

After successfully making payment for the Turkey Visa Application form, an email with your Turkey electronic Visa will arrive. Please print or download this copy for your own records.

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