Turkey Golden Visa Guide


The Turkey Golden Visa program has gained significant attention as an attractive opportunity for individuals seeking to obtain residency and citizenship in Turkey. With its strategic location bridging Europe and Asia, rich cultural heritage, and thriving economy, Turkey offers numerous benefits to foreigners looking to make the country their second home. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of the Turkey Golden Visa program, including its definition, advantages, eligibility criteria, investment options, application process, and more.

What is a Golden Visa?

A Golden Visa is a residency program that enables foreign individuals and their families to obtain residency or citizenship by investing in a country’s economy. It offers a pathway to obtain legal residency or citizenship rights in exchange for specific investments. The Turkey Golden Visa program aims to attract foreign investors by providing them with the opportunity to reside in Turkey and enjoy various benefits.

Benefits of Turkey Golden Visa

  1. Residency and Citizenship: The Turkey Golden Visa program allows applicants to obtain a residency permit for themselves and their families. After maintaining their investment for a certain period, they may also be eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship.
  2. Visa-Free Travel: Holding a Turkish residence permit allows individuals to travel visa-free or with visa-on-arrival access to numerous countries worldwide, making it easier to explore different regions and conduct international business.
  3. Economic Opportunities: Turkey offers a dynamic and growing economy, creating opportunities for investment, entrepreneurship, and employment. Golden Visa holders can tap into these economic prospects and benefit from the country’s business-friendly environment.
  4. High-Quality Education and Healthcare: Golden Visa holders can access Turkey’s renowned education system and world-class healthcare facilities, ensuring their families receive top-notch services.

Eligibility Criteria 

To be eligible for the Turkey Golden Visa program, applicants must fulfill certain criteria:

  1. Minimum Investment: The program requires a minimum investment amount, which varies depending on the chosen investment option.
  2. Clean Criminal Record: Applicants must provide proof of a clean criminal record to ensure they meet the program’s integrity requirements.
  3. Health Insurance: Obtaining health insurance coverage is mandatory to apply for the Golden Visa program.

Investment Options

Turkey offers several investment options to qualify for a second passport:

  1. Real Estate Investment: Investing in Turkish real estate, such as residential or commercial properties, meets the requirements for the Golden Visa program. The investment amount must exceed a specified threshold.
  2. Capital Market Instruments: Golden Visa applicants can invest in various capital market instruments, including government bonds, investment funds, or real estate investment funds, as part of their investment portfolio.
  3. Bank Deposit: By making a substantial deposit in a Turkish bank, applicants can meet the investment criteria for the Golden Visa program.
  4. Business Investment: Establishing a company, partnership, or similar business venture in Turkey with a certain level of capital investment can also qualify individuals for the Golden Visa program.

Application Process

The application process for the Turkey Golden Visa program involves several steps:

  1. Gathering Documentation: Applicants must compile the necessary documents, including proof of investment, passport copies, photographs, and health insurance coverage.
  2. Application Submission: The completed application, along with the required documents, should be submitted to the relevant Turkish authorities.
  3. Background Checks: Turkish authorities conduct background checks and review the application and supporting documents.
  4. Residence Permit Issuance: Upon approval, applicants receive their residence permits, which grant them the right to reside in Turkey for the specified duration.

Real Estate Investment

One of the popular investment options for obtaining a Turkey Golden Visa is real estate investment. Investing in Turkish properties offers various benefits, such as:

  1. Property Ownership: Investors gain ownership of a valuable asset in Turkey, which can provide rental income or serve as a vacation home.
  2. Capital Appreciation: Turkey’s real estate market has shown steady growth over the years, offering the potential for capital appreciation.
  3. Rental Income Potential: Investors can generate rental income by leasing their properties to residents or tourists, contributing to their investment returns.

Capital Market Instruments

Investing in capital market instruments is another pathway to the Turkey Golden Visa. This investment option provides diversification and potential financial gains through:

  1. Government Bonds: Investing in Turkish government bonds offers a secure and stable investment opportunity.
  2. Investment Funds: Golden Visa applicants can explore investment funds, which provide exposure to various asset classes and professional management.

Bank Deposit

By making a significant bank deposit in a Turkish financial institution, applicants can fulfill the investment criteria for the Golden Visa program. Benefits of this investment option include:

  1. Liquidity: Bank deposits provide a high level of liquidity, allowing investors to access their funds when needed.
  2. Currency Flexibility: Investors can choose to deposit funds in either Turkish lira or foreign currencies, providing flexibility based on their preferences.

Business Investment

Establishing a business in Turkey can be an attractive investment option to qualify for the Golden Visa program. Some benefits of business investment include:

  1. Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Turkey’s growing economy presents favorable conditions for starting and expanding businesses, enabling individuals to tap into new markets and sectors.
  2. Job Creation: Establishing a business in Turkey contributes to job creation, benefiting both the investor and the local economy.


The Turkey Golden Visa program presents an enticing opportunity for individuals looking to obtain residency or citizenship in Turkey. With its numerous benefits, including visa-free travel, economic prospects, and access to high-quality education and healthcare, the program appeals to investors worldwide. By meeting the eligibility criteria and selecting the appropriate investment option, applicants can embark on their journey toward a new life in Turkey. If you’re ready to explore the Turkey Golden Visa program and its benefits, take the first step and get access now.

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