Turkey eVisa Requirements For US Citizens

The United States of America is among a select few nations whose citizens can apply online for a Turkey e-Visa, making travel permission easier for US residents visiting this spectacular and ancient nation. Furthermore, Turkey’s Visa requirements for American nationals are straightforward and easily understandable.

This Turkish e-Visa replaces the former “sticker visa”, making the process for applying for visas easier. It can be used multiple times when entering Turkey.

American passport holders seeking to travel within Turkey need to fill out an eVisa registration form online in order to acquire travel authorization.

Candidates applying for an official Turkey e-Visa for US nationals will also have to meet certain eligibility criteria in order to be granted one.

What Does a Turkey e-Visa for US Citizens Do?

American citizens seeking to travel to Turkey for either business or tourism purposes require a Turkey visa in order to enter.

US citizens may travel to Turkey for up to 90 days with an electronic visa issued from Turkey, valid for 180 days from the date of issue.

An applicant can apply for an e-Visa at any point prior to beginning their trip; it is however advised to complete and submit the e-Visa form at least 48 hours in advance of travel.

What Are the Advantages of an E-Visa Application to Turkey for US Passport Holders?

Turkish e-Visas offer a faster and more convenient method for gaining entry to Turkey than its predecessor, the “sticker visa”.

US passport holders who need visas for Turkey can take advantage of an e-Visa to save time when applying at consulates and embassies or entry points to Turkey.

Apply for an E-Visa from Turkey: United States Citizens

To obtain an eVisa to Turkey from Turkey citizens living in the US, they are required to fill out an online eVisa application form and submit it through their respective government websites.

This form requires basic personal and passport details as well as details regarding travel plans to Turkey.

Arriving in Turkey will require the border guards to check your e-Visa linked with your passport, so travelers are advised to carry a duplicate for easy presentation to border officials should they request it.

Information Required for US Citizens Applying for an e-Visa from Turkey

Documents and information required of US citizens seeking a Turkey e-Visa online include:

Passport valid for at least 60 consecutive days following the length of stay in Turkey

Email verification is necessary in order to secure a Turkish tourist visa online.

An account and debit/credit card to pay the Turkey electronic Visa fees

Turkey eVisa Requirements

Travelers may need to present additional documents.

People must ensure the information on their e-Visa application matches exactly with what’s listed on their travel documents or passports to make sure it is valid before using the e-Visa.

Within 180 days of being granted an e-Visa, its holder must use their passport for travel within Turkey.

If the passport used to apply for an eVisa becomes damaged or stolen or has expired, an applicant should request a new Turkey eVisa with their new US passport. Furthermore, should their travel date change, then an application for an updated eVisa should also be submitted.

What will I receive as confirmation of my Turkey e-Visa from the US?

Once the visa application is approved, an electronic Turkish visa available to US Citizens will be sent directly to them via the email address listed on their form of application.

If a US citizen does not submit an electronic visa application successfully, he or she should visit the nearest Turkish consulate or embassy for further instructions.

Do I require a visa for entering Turkey from the US?

An e-Visa valid for Turkey is suitable for tourists traveling for business or tourism purposes.

US citizens wishing to live, work or study in Turkey require the appropriate type of visa from either their nearest Turkish consulate or embassy. Furthermore, anyone from the US planning on staying more than 90 days either for tourism or business purposes must apply for an electronic lengthy-stay Turkey visa instead of an electronic one.

US passport holders who already hold an approved visa to Turkey do not need to apply for an e-Visa as they already possess one.

When traveling for business or tourism purposes in Turkey for less than 90 days and less than 90 days duration, an e-Visa is mandatory.

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