TubeRushr Review: Why Should You Invest In This Product?⚠️

TubeRushr Review

Ultimate Youtube AI Video Creator


What Is TubeRushr?

TubeRushr is a software tool that allows you to create engaging and attention-grabbing YouTube Shorts videos effortlessly. With TubeRushr, you can leverage the trend of short videos to generate a large number of daily visitors to your websites, blogs, and offers. The tool utilizes ChatGPT4, an advanced language model, to assist you in the creation of these Shorts videos. This means that you can create compelling content without the need for being on camera or having prior experience or skills in video production.


TubeRushr offers you a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing you to create Shorts videos in just three clicks. By providing attention-grabbing content, TubeRushr helps drive traffic and increase sales by tapping into the immense popularity of short videos on various social media platforms.

One of the key advantages of TubeRushr is that it eliminates the need for running ads, building a subscriber base, or outsourcing video creation. This makes it accessible to newbies and individuals like you, who may have limited resources or experience. Users have reported impressive results with TubeRushr, such as millions of views by posting other people’s videos, short review videos, or even 5-second videos.

How Does TubeRushr Work?

With TubeRushr, you can quickly and easily create attention-grabbing YouTube Shorts w/ ChatGPT4 that
drive traffic & sales to your websites, blogs, and offers in just 3 clicks:

  • STEP 1 – Find & use other people’s viral videos OR add your own short script.
  • STEP 2 – With 1-click our A.I. turns it into an attention-grabbing, highly engaging & profitable youtube short video.
  • STEP 3 – Upload your video, use their “Traffic On Demand” Cheat Sheet & start getting real traffic & sales instantly.


TubeRushr Review – Features And Benefits:

♦ 100% Cloud-Based Software
There is no need for you to install anything. Just sign up and you can access our software from anywhere on earth, as long as there is an internet connection available you are good to go!

Add Your Videos, Use Other People’s Viral Videos Or Create From Scratch Using ChatGPT4!
There are millions of videos on YouTube that you can use for your shorts. You can find & legally use videos that are already getting a lot of views, or you can use one of your own videos or CREATE from scratch. Just type in your keyword or a sentence and our A.I. will generate a short script for you in seconds.

Pick From Our Carefully Crafted DFY Templates Or Create Your Own
We have a wide selection of DFY templates that you can use to create your shorts quickly and easily. Plus, you can also create your own templates from scratch if you want.

Fully-Fledged Yet SIMPLE Editor To Customize Your Videos.
You can change the text, images, and videos in your shorts to make them unique and more attention-grabbing. Change transitions, font, add images, videos, backgrounds, music, voiceovers, slides to perfectly fit your requirement.

Customise Your BRANDING.
You can add your own logo, branding, and watermark to the videos you create with TubeRushr. This way you can build your brand while driving traffic to your websites and offers.

Add INCREDIBLE Call-To-Actions (CTAs) That Get People Clicking!
You can add powerful call-to-action to your videos that will get people clicking through to your websites and offers.

Viral Shorts Finder
Find viral videos that are already getting a lot of views, and quickly create shorts that you can use to drive traffic to your websites and offers. Save hours of time with our built-in viral video finder.

Viral Quote Generator.
Instantly create quotes that go VIRAL! This is one of the easiest ways to get massive amounts of traffic from social media. You can use our built-in viral quote generator to create quotes that people will want to share with their friends.

Royalty-Free Music Library
You can add professional audio tracks to your videos with just 1-click. This will make your videos more engaging and help them to stand out from the competition.

10 Million+ In-built Premium Stock Images & Videos
Get access to our library of 10 million+ royalty free images & videos. These are extremely high quality premium stock which you can use to make your videos look professional.

Add REAL Human Voiceovers
Forget about spending money on expensive voiceovers, you can just add your own voiceover or choose from our library of human like A.I. voices.

Export Your Video In HD 720p and HD 1080p
You can choose to export your video in 720p or 1080p quality. Both of these are HD, which means you can watch your videos on all devices with no pixelation issues.


TubeRushr Review – Is It Worth Buying?

As a beta tester of TubeRushr, I can confidently say that this product is definitely worth investing in. Let me list the reasons why you should consider purchasing it:

⇒ Tap into the Power of Short-Form Video: The online traffic landscape has shifted towards short-form video content, and TubeRushr allows you to leverage this trend. By creating attention-grabbing YouTube Shorts, you can reach a wider audience and drive significant traffic to your websites, blogs, and offers.

Stay Ahead of the Competition: As TubeRushr is a new and innovative tool, becoming an early adopter gives you a competitive advantage. By utilizing TubeRushr before others in your niche, you can establish your presence, gain more visibility, and dominate your market.

YouTube’s Preference for Shorts: YouTube favors shorter videos, and by using TubeRushr to create YouTube Shorts, you can align with the platform’s algorithm and increase your chances of receiving more organic traffic. This preference can help you generate free traffic and expand your reach.

Wide Applicability to Any Niche: Regardless of the niche or industry you operate in, TubeRushr is designed to work for you. Whether you are in the make-money-online, weight loss, dating, or any other niche, TubeRushr’s features can help you drive targeted traffic and boost sales.

Time and Effort Savings: TubeRushr streamlines the process of creating YouTube Shorts, saving you hours of time and effort. You no longer have to worry about recording videos, writing lengthy scripts, or hiring video creators. With just a few clicks, you can generate engaging shorts and focus on other essential aspects of your business.

No Technical Skills or Experience Required: TubeRushr is user-friendly and accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. You don’t need advanced video editing skills or prior experience in video production. The software provides step-by-step instructions, making it easy for beginners to create effective Shorts videos.

Scalability for Growing Traffic and Sales: TubeRushr is fully scalable, allowing you to expand your traffic and sales as your business grows. You can continue creating more Shorts videos and target different niches, maximizing your profitability and reaching a larger audience.

Quick Results and ROI: Unlike other traffic generation methods that may take days or weeks to yield results, TubeRushr provides a rapid turnaround. With its efficient creation process, you can start seeing traffic and sales coming in within minutes, ensuring a faster return on your investment.

Suitable for All Levels of Marketers: Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced marketer, TubeRushr caters to your needs. It offers a user-friendly interface for beginners to kickstart their traffic generation efforts, while also providing advanced features and strategies for experienced marketers to enhance their existing campaigns.

TubeRushr Review – Pricing And OTOs:


TubeRushr is available at a highly affordable price of just $17. At this incredibly low cost, you gain access to a powerful tool that can revolutionize your online traffic and sales. Investing in TubeRushr at such a reasonable price ensures that you can tap into the immense potential of YouTube Shorts without breaking the bank. With its ability to drive targeted traffic, boost conversions, and generate a significant return on investment, TubeRushr offers exceptional value for its price. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your online presence and take your business to new heights for just $17.



  • 4x Your Traffic & Income Potential With The Pro Version.
  • Create UNLIMITED Shorts Every Month
  • Generate UNLIMITED ChatGPT Scripts Every Month
  • Get More Video Templates
  • THUMBNAIL Creator & Editor
  • Create Upto 20 Short Videos At Once From Any Other People Video Or Own Video.
  • Export Upto 600 Videos Monthly (vs 90 in Basic/Premium)
  • Get more A.I Voiceovers, expand your range (vs 10 in Basic/Premium)
  • Easy Social Sharing – Directly share your videos on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest to get more exposure and traffic
  • COMMERCIAL RIGHTS INCLUDED – Use These Videos For Clients Projects And Charge Them Any Fee


  • Rank Simple Little Videos For MULTIPLE KEYWORDS AT ONCE ON PAGE #1 Of Google & Youtube
  • Makes Them Stay Ranked For YEARS Using Our “PUSH TECHNOLOGY”
  • Lead Generation System That Collects, Nurtures & Emails Leads For Recurring & Long Term Income
  • Commercial License Included


  • Turn ANY (Even The Oldest, Lamest) Video On The Web Into Your Own VIRAL Social Micro Videos
  • Schedule 100s of videos to Facebook and Instagram in 1-click and keep generating free traffic for months.
  • Perfect For Video Ads, Viral Videos & Hundreds Of Other Video Content Types
  • Convert 1 Video Into Multiple (Upto 20) Mico-Videos In 1 Click
  • Mass Edit All Videos At Once In 1-Click
  • Commercial License Included


  • Step-By-Step ChatGPT Video Training
  • Proprietary Templates: 40+ Of Our Proprietary
  • Our Secret ‘Copywriter On Call’ ChatGPT Prompt!
  • Our ‘Doctor Conversion’ ChatGPT Prompt!
  • Create Content 10X Faster & 10X Easier
  • Skyrocket Your Productivity & Generate NEW Ideas
  • Instantly Boost Your Sales & Conversions!


  • Your Each Client Will Have Access To Features Of TubeRushr
  • 50-250 Accounts
  • With Our Sales Material For Best Conversions
  • Create Accounts for your Clients Using your Reseller Dashboard in 1 Click
  • We’ll Handle Support Of Your All Clients
  • Low 1-Time Fee During The Launch Period

TubeRushr Review – Who Should Invest In This Product?

  • Online Entrepreneurs: Whether you’re a solopreneur, affiliate marketer, or e-commerce owner, TubeRushr can help you drive targeted traffic and increase sales. It’s an excellent tool for boosting the visibility of your products, services, or online business.
  • Content Creators: If you’re a content creator on platforms like YouTube, having TubeRushr in your toolkit can significantly enhance your content strategy. You can create engaging YouTube Shorts to attract more viewers and subscribers, ultimately growing your channel’s reach and monetization potential.
  • Digital Marketers: TubeRushr is a valuable asset for digital marketers who want to amplify their marketing campaigns. By leveraging the power of short videos, you can increase brand awareness, attract more leads, and drive conversions for your clients or your own business.
  • Bloggers and Website Owners: TubeRushr can be a game-changer for bloggers and website owners looking to increase their website traffic. By creating attention-grabbing YouTube Shorts, you can redirect viewers to your blog or website, boosting engagement and potentially monetizing your online presence.
  • Social Media Managers: Social media managers can harness the power of TubeRushr to create compelling short videos for their clients’ social media accounts. Whether it’s Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram, TubeRushr enables you to produce engaging content that drives traffic and enhances brand visibility.
  • Beginners in Online Marketing: If you’re new to online marketing and looking for a straightforward yet effective way to drive traffic, TubeRushr is an ideal solution. Its user-friendly interface and step-by-step instructions make it accessible to beginners, helping them generate traffic and sales without a steep learning curve.
  • Those Seeking Cost-Effective Traffic Solutions: TubeRushr offers an affordable traffic generation solution compared to other methods that may require hefty investments in ads or outsourcing. With TubeRushr, you can drive targeted traffic to your online assets without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need any technical skills to use TubeRushr?
A: No, you don’t need any technical skills or prior experience to use TubeRushr. The software is designed with a user-friendly interface, and it provides step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.

Q: Can TubeRushr work in any niche?
A: Yes, TubeRushr is designed to work in any niche. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the make-money-online niche, weight loss niche, dating niche, or any other industry. TubeRushr’s features can be customized to suit your specific niche and drive targeted traffic.

Q: How quickly can I expect to see results with TubeRushr?
A: TubeRushr is designed to deliver quick results. Unlike other methods that may take days or weeks to yield results, you can start seeing traffic and sales coming in within minutes of using TubeRushr. However, individual results may vary depending on factors such as your niche, content quality, and marketing efforts.

Q: Can I use TubeRushr on platforms other than YouTube?
A: TubeRushr is primarily focused on creating YouTube Shorts, but you can also repurpose the generated videos for other social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram. This allows you to maximize your reach and engagement across multiple platforms.

Q: Is there customer support available if I have any questions or issues?
A: Absolutely! TubeRushr provides 24×7 customer support to assist you with any questions, concerns, or technical issues you may encounter.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee for TubeRushr?
A: Yes, TubeRushr offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the product or its performance, you can request a refund within 30 days of your purchase. The refund policy ensures that you can try out TubeRushr risk-free and have the option to receive a full refund if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Q: Can TubeRushr be used by both beginners and experienced marketers?
A: Yes, TubeRushr is suitable for both beginners and experienced marketers. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible for beginners, while its advanced features and strategies can help experienced marketers take their traffic and conversions to the next level.

Q: Is TubeRushr compatible with both Windows and Mac?
A: Yes, TubeRushr is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. You can use it on your preferred device without any compatibility issues.

Conclusion & Extra Bonuses

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