Try Field Staff & Task Tracking Solution (FST) – An Innovative Employee Location Tracking App

What happens when your field staff leaves the office? You lose visibility till they come back and wonder where they are and if they are doing the tasks assigned to them? Then Employee Location Tracking is the need of the moment for you.

With a Field Staff Tracking solution, your staffs are visible at all times on a map viewed from the office desktop computer displayed along with their work schedule. You can assign tasks and see as they progress from reaching the site until they complete their task, thus managing your field workers effectively.

Field staff tracking solution increases field worker productivity through better task management and reduces administration costs by eliminating the paperwork. The automated Employee Location Tracking solution allows the generation of real-time reports on field staff performance. It tracks everyone in the group and pins them down to a spot on the street and in near real-time. The manager back at the company can map their location, track where they are and get a map and turn directions to the area.

Benefits Of Using Field Staff Tracking Solution

  • Real-time management visibility of field worker location on the desktop dashboard
  • Create, assign and schedule tasks for each worker easily and effectively
  • New tasks are automatically transferred to the field worker on their smartphone
  • Fieldworker themselves can create a task on the app and notify the manager
  • Ability to transfer information between the back office and the field in real-time
  • Ability to schedule tasks and dispatch them to workers in the field
  • Receive accurate and timely job progress status from the field worker
  • Elimination of paper processes and associated admin costs
  • Ability to give exact customer location map and details for the field visit
  • Provide mobility plug-in by integrating with back-office systems
  • Generate real-time reports to analyze field worker performance and duration in each site
  • Prevent false reports and fake conveyance bills
  • Ability to find field worker in real-time and assign a task to the closest worker
  • Proof of work done and Increased customer satisfaction.

Your Employee Work – In check always. GPS Tracking systems actively monitor aspects like staff location, customers visited, the outcomes of the assigned tasks. All the rules must be followed as prescribed, and it won’t be possible to achieve that without an efficient tracking system in place. When you are keeping a tab on the vital aspects of your staffs’ work schedule,you will also get a precise idea about the working time of your staffs too. When you get the necessary tasks done in time, it spares you the expense of the task being overlooked as you have exact documentation of the same. One of the major influential factors in the profitability of any venture is the workplace dynamic of that firm, if your firm has happier employees, they will try to put their best efforts into work and hence churn out more prominent numbers. Nothing keeps an employee more satisfied than a proper work-life balance. It can be achieved with a defined and disciplined work shift timing. GPS Tracking systems have specially designed systems to push reminders every time a task is overruled.


Nishi Singh is a professional journalist and editor in New Delhi. She has studied Mass Communication from National Institute of Mass Communication.