10 Reasons That Now Is the Right Time to Integrate TrueDialog and Your CRM

TrueDialog enhances customer experience with five-star SMS solutions.

As we grapple with perhaps the biggest economic challenge of our lifetimes, businesses are seeking effective ways to remain competitive, maintain customer loyalty, and close sales. Though there are plenty of steps that businesses can take to stay afloat, one of the most important is to ensure that company communications offer crystal-clear solutions. By communicating value, you’re more likely to attract new customers and keep existing customers loyal to your brand. But how can you best communicate the value of your products and services during the pandemic?

The easiest way to improve your communications during this difficult-to-navigate time is to integrate native SMS software like TrueDialog into your CRM system. Pre-built text messaging solutions allow you to step up your customer service, iron any hitches out of your communications, and accelerate your return on investment. With lockdown and the rise of remote working, the time has never been riper to integrate an SMS solution into your CRM and facilitate easy communication.

Here are the 10 top reasons that you should integrate TrueDialog with your CRM system now:

  1. Improved Response Times

Integrating TrueDialog with your CRM system enables you to increase your business’ response times and, as a result, your conversion rates. Quick responses are vital when it comes to modern communications. In fact, The Harvard Business Review has found that businesses that respond to inquiries within an hour of contact generate seven times more leads than companies that don’t respond within the hour. Also, those businesses that respond within an hour generate 60 times more leads than those that take more than 24 hours to respond.

  1. Multi-Use Conversations

TrueDialog allows employees, agents, and help desk teams to engage in multi-user, threaded SMS conversations at scale. The cloud-based system uses proprietary cross-codes technology that shows short-code and long-code text messages in the same thread. This unique feature enables you to integrate mass text messages with personalized one-to-one messages, making communication streams as smooth as possible. TrueDialog can also convert mass messages into two-way messages, ideal for multiple-contact centre reps, mobile-field employees, and client agents who engage in one-to-one conversations with customers and clients.

  1. Automated CRM Updates

If you don’t have quality SMS integration, you’ll have to send text messages and update your CRM records as separate functions, which can be time-consuming and lead to potential errors. Meanwhile, TrueDialog automatically translates all conversations, imports contacts as leads/customers, and updates customer accounts. This means that you can say goodbye to multiple windows, copying and pasting, and manual errors.

  1. Enhanced Marketing Campaigns

TrueDialog enables businesses to combine email and text-marketing systems into one enterprise-grade platform. TrueDialog’s native SMS software is an affordable solution that merges with other communication systems to replace outdated advertising methods and generate fast, valuable results.

  1. SMS Benefits

While email marketing has its place, texting is generally the most popular method of communication for today’s consumers. Adopting an SMS strategy for marketing purposes opens doors to outstanding results; Gartner reports that recipients open and respond to over 97 per cent of texts. Meanwhile, SinglePoint concludes that over 90 per cent of mobile users read text messages within 3 minutes and that the average response time is approximately 90 seconds.

  1. Easy Reminders and Notifications

TrueDialog allows agents to set automated messages to remind customers of upcoming events, send push notifications to update colleagues on the progress of collaborative tasks, and schedule changes to the CRM database or disperse these in real time to maintain customer satisfaction and help colleagues close more deals.

  1. Contact Segmentation

Texting the right people at the right time is vital for text-marketing success, which is why TrueDialog allows you to form segmented contact lists. This allows you to target inbound leads and established customers/clients with different content, such as welcome messages and loyalty rewards. TrueDialog also enables real-time interactions and easy customer follow-ups. You can see each contact’s text, email, and call history in one place and easily customize message data flow into the CRM.

  1. Custom Reports

Success should be measurable, which is why TrueDialog’s SMS integrations are complete with expanded reporting options. These reporting functions enable you to analyze data, such as click rates and opt-out rates, consistently. You can use the reporting options to identify customer trends and strategize your SMS plan.

  1. Direct Carrier Connections

TrueDialog provides native software, meaning that there are no third-party middlemen who can affect costs or cause message delays. Businesses that use TrueDialog are safe in the knowledge that they are using a 100 per cent reliable provider.

  1. Additional Security

TrueDialog recognizes the importance of security and data protection, which is why its duplicate ISO 9001 cloud database guarantees protection against accidentally texting opted-out contacts. Developers would need to engineer costly capabilities to achieve a comparable level of protection on other SMS APIs.

Claim Your Free TrueDialog Trial

TrueDialog provides SMS texting solutions with more features than competitors at half the price. As Capterra’s top-rated text messaging software, TrueDialog’s cloud-based SMS solutions offer the most advanced features, all without plug-ins or pop-ups. TrueDialog integrates with most major CRM systems, including Marketo, HubSpot, and Salesforce, allowing you to accelerate your communications within the comfort and security of your existing CRM system.

TrueDialog offers a free 15-day trial so that you can try before you buy. Register for a free account at www.truedialog.com/register-free-15-day-trial.

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