True Blue Customer Service of the Future with Unscripted Chats

To be an authentic player in the modern business arena, your services must provide exceptional benefits for your more demanding consumers. Live chat using scripted communication is no longer sufficient as such clients seek a genuine, customized approach.

Responsive live chat services are becoming increasingly important. Companies must provide unique client support that considers the personal needs and behaviors of potential customers. 

Live chat agents interacting with clients during unscripted, personalized chats achieves this aim and makes your customer service stand out from the crowd. 

Keep reading to find out more about how you can transform your live chat support and customer experience from scratch. But first, let’s discuss the power of unscripted services. 

Taking Your Live Chat on the Next Level

At some point, we all take on the roles of regular customers. Many of us can, through experience, understand what annoys clients the most. 

Can you guess what is most annoying? The answer is the commonly used scripted response in customer communication.

Kishore Saraogi, the Fusion BPO Services and Vital Solutions Inc. owner, interestingly compares those script-oriented consultants with monotonic robots. And I completely agree with him. They present the same set of answers in a formulaic way every time. 

Why doesn’t this work? When customers reach out to your live chat reps, they want to be heard and understood. Customers want to feel supported. Maneuvering with only scripted chats is a lost cause because it doesn’t allow consultants to personalize their approach.  

While the script might be a helpful tool for your consultants, it will not do much to improve the customer’s experience. 

Improving the Customer Journey with the Smart Use of Scripts

Let’s see what your company can do to use the scripts so that they don’t disrupt the customer journey:

  • Implement the scripted communication only to educate your live chat trainees. 
  • Disallow the script in operation.
  • Inspire your agents to improvise on the spot. 
  • Provide pointers for conversation to guide agents.
  • Emphasize the importance of emotional intelligence during a customer interaction.
  • Encourage authenticity. 

What Do Customers Expect?

First of all, your clients expect a great deal. Seems a little too much? It won’t if you put more effort into making your live chat communication one of a kind. 

Imagine you want to chat with the customer support agent regarding the problem in question. Would you like your chat partner to read directly from the script, effortlessly doing the job, and ignoring the essence of your inquiry? 

The answer would probably be no. So why let your customers go through such an experience?

To sound genuine and boost your clients’ trust in your customer service, consultants need to ask the right questions to decipher customers’ concerns. This helps them better understand each other and get on the right track with the conversation. Therefore, it is easier to take any action necessary to solve the problem and become a great advocate for your clients.

All in all, your live chat communication strategy must be defined by your clients’ expectations. Doing so will ensure a superior customer experience for good. With unscripted services, your customer support agents have more freedom to connect with the customers on a deeper level. It brings a personal touch to your customer interaction. 

Unscripting Your Communication

The unlimited course of actions and the freedom that your agents have is not the final remedy for an excellent customer journey. Your live chat reps must follow specific guiding principles:

  • Pursue a raw communication style and stay authentic.
  • Ensure your conversational tone elevates the client.
  • Don’t be demanding.
  • Agents shouldn’t talk about things they don’t want to bring into conversation.
  • Show that the customers’ problems matter.
  • Let the clients see the unique personalities of your support agents.
  • Don’t stop practicing so that your service is always on point. 

And remember that going for scripted services only works if your clients use scripts as well, which is unlikely to happen. 

Final Thoughts 

Customers will always choose those unique and deeply personalized experiences they have with the brands. Your customer support is the primary source that provides such experiences. So, ensure your agents stay on the alert and know to handle the situations without assistance. 

Have some courage and master your scriptless live chat communication.

However, don’t underestimate the risks of providing this tricky freedom. Provide your team with the skills they require to improvise and find innovative solutions. Improvising allows the consultant to adjust to each customer and their problems individually and act fast. This way, your team demonstrates loyalty to each of your clients rather than blindly following a script.

Add some spontaneous flavor to your client support service and rely on trained agents, not scripts, to lead the game and keep your customer satisfied. 


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.