Trucking Companies Allow Savings on Cost of Transportation

Trucking companies throughout the United States have been going through a transformation for almost a decade. With all the new sorts of technologies, these companies have to upgrade their operations. Some new regulations are mandatory, and all trucks now have the modern tracking software and best freight broker TMS (transportation management system). Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is electronic hardware that is attached to the engine so the driving hours can be recorded. All fleets that are already using electronic logging technology have to ensure they comply with the published specifications until December 2019.


In Michigan, many truckers are not that tech savvy. They have to spend time in training to learn how to be part of the modern trucking system. Still there are many companies that are trying to learn what the ELD technology is all about and how to install it into their trucks. Some truckers believe that technology is slowing them down. The smaller companies seem to be most affected. The new Hours of Service (HOS) mandate has also affected many trucking companies. The key solution to these problems is better preparedness and strategic planning. Truckers need to look at newer routes to save on fuel and get the software system implemented in their fleet.


Proper management of fleets and good driver training will help overcome business crisis. Above everything, there still remains a shortage of drivers in the industry. To fill the gap new drivers can be hired and trained. The big trucking companies can start driver training programs and later hire the best of the rest. To get consistent amount of freight and get higher exposure, it is important to focus on marketing. Having yourself out on social media can bring in very beneficial results. Trucking companies need to focus on bigger companies and sign yearly contracts whereby both parties can have beneficial results from the business relationship. With good knowledge of routes and good deals with other agents and freight brokers, a trucking company can benefit from intermodal modes of transportation.


A lot of shippers rely on small agents and if you maintain a healthy relationship with these brokers they can come in very useful. With the bigger trucking companies there are no such issues. They already have an established name in the market and get consistent freight to move around. Some also have the license to truck the goods across the border. You can send your export shipments through the highways to save on the expense of shipping. The bigger names in the market can be very helpful in terms of business. If you are starting small these transportation companies will allow you to save on transportation costs by giving you discounted rates. There are many transporters that focus on specific types of shipments, so make sure you are aware of their expertise.


The modern trucks are specialized in what they carry. There are all types of trucks and shipping containers on the market that are meant to carry specific types of goods. If you are moving hazmat materials, your transporter needs to have the containers that conform to the local regulations and standards. Materials that are trucked in the wrong containers can get damaged soon and with hazmat materials it can cause explosions, injuries, and even death. The general merchandise is risk free and you can easily find a transporting company to move it. Whereas, with perishable and hazmat materials you have to be very choosy and have to visually inspect the trucks on your own. The divers that carry your load also have to be well trained. When you check the credibility of the transporter you can have peace of mind knowing your shipments’ will be delivered in good shape and on time, every time. If you are importing or exporting the use of drayage services will be very beneficial for you. The process of picking up the load and taking it to the container freight station can be automated when you hire the trucking companies located near the shipping yard. These transporters can also pick up your containers from the railways and bring it into your warehouse or a third-party warehouse.


Sometimes the buyers are shaky and do not trust some trucking companies. For this reason, you need to have your business name out on social media. The more you interact with the target market the better trust you can gain from it. Join the various distributor, exporter and importer communities online for branding reasons. Discuss the latest happenings to build up closeness with prospects online. To get the bigger clients some companies pool in their resources for the larger loads. It is not a bad idea to have meetings with the neighborhood trucking companies to form a coalition where all will share profits. You can create volume with the same type of equipment. When you show the ability to move larger loads you are sure to catch the eyes of the bigger shippers so you can get the bigger paying lanes. Matching your load to the transporter capabilities is important if you want efficient transportation. The fleets also have to be modern and well maintained.