Trucker Tips Master Guide – Expert Advice from Experienced Truck Drivers

We are all aware of the difficulty in obtaining a commercial driver’s license. But once you get it, you can pursue opportunities to become a truck driver.  Choosing between truck driving jobs after receiving your license is one of the most challenging choices. The majority of new hires frequently accept offers from the very first employer who contacts them. You must conduct your research and consider factors like compensation and perks, reputation, and rest and recovery time in between big trips.

1 Explore the benefits, incentives, and pay for drivers

As the trucking sector expands, truck drivers will benefit from competitive wages and benefits. These are typically the first factors that drivers think about. The benefits should be the same even though the salary typically varies from province to province and is based on years of experience.

Commercial drivers make an average wage of roughly $41,000 per year, with yearly salaries ranging from $36,000 to $54,000. Keep in mind that newbies occasionally don’t get many miles at first. If that’s the case, be careful to ask the company when you may anticipate an increase in your workload and whether your salary will follow suit.

Additionally, research the market price for a novice in your area. Do an online search and get advice from others you know who work in the field. By knowing what to anticipate, you may better prepare for negotiation and decrease the likelihood that you’ll accept a poor offer.

2. Find Out if You Get Breaks Between Long Haul Journeys

Long-distance travel can take several days. You should make sure your employer allows you enough downtime on such excursions. If not, you might put other drivers and yourself in danger when driving. Find out from the employer how many hours are allotted for breaks during long trips. To keep attentive when driving, you should aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

3. Have a Clean Driving Record 

Companies also have a spotless driving record, not only drivers. While it’s not always possible to hold a corporation accountable for a driver’s error, it is the responsibility of the firm to make efforts to guarantee that drivers only use trucks that are safe for the road. Ensure that you inquire about the company’s driving history. It will make it clearer to you how much they value their drivers and trucks.

4. Stay Fit and Healthy

Your health is crucial, especially if you plan to work as a commercial truck driver for a long time. Your limits shouldn’t be pushed by the job. You should have ample time to unwind and recover following a trip. For your body to work properly while you’re on the road, it’s also crucial to generally maintain fitness and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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