Tried and Tested Tips to Get New Boilers Easily Installed

In order to install a new boiler at home, you’ve to buy it first. And it is one of the major expenses for landlords and homeowners across the UK, says a qualified Gas Safe engineer based in Barnet.

How much should you expect to shell out for a new boiler installation? Let’s see what the mechanics have got to say. You can be rest assured that we will also be exploring avenues how to save on these expenses.

Let’s start with the cost of a new boiler.

How much does a brand new boiler cost?

Boiler prices vary to a wide extent based on brand, type and capacity or size. Boiler types include combi, conventional and system boilers. On the average you get boilers from price tag of £600 to £2,500. But buying a costly boiler is no guarantee that you are getting the best value of your hard-earned money.

Therefore, it is important that you dig in, do your research and go through the reviews to select the best boiler that fits your budget.

Many people, on the other hand, do not prefer buying boilers separately. In such cases, the mechanics quote a price adding up the boiler cost along with the installation, says a reliable boiler fitter in Barnet.

What is the cost of boiler installation?

Just like the cost of boilers, cost of boiler installation too varies widely. This type of installation prices is quoted on the following factors:

  • Area where the fitting is required
  • How much effort and time are required
  • Who you hire for the job

On an average, you should expect paying anything ranging from £550 to £1,500 for a combi-boiler. When the new combi-boiler is installed at the same location as the previous one, you pay somewhere around £550 while installing the same at a new location will cost you £1,500.

These are obviously not your final cost figures. You should also set a fund aside for flushing of your heating system. A chemical flush costs around £200 and a mechanical one £500. In certain cases, you may also have to move the existing pipe network, which will cost you and additional £200 to £300.

The cost figures mentioned above do not cover the new boiler price.

In most cases, the cost of boiler installation runs up to more than half of the boiler itself. The final figures of your new boiler installation thus may easily run up to £5,000.

How to save money on buying a new boiler along with its installation?

One of the surest ways to save boiler installation cost in UK along with boiler price is to shop around with patience and diligence. When installation is concerned, consider asking major and reputed service providers first for quotes. Then do not forget to ask your local plumbing companies like 4D Heating and Plumbing. Reliable local plumbers and gas safe engineers are qualified enough to carry out such installation tasks smoothly. They usually quote more pocket-friendly fee compared to the large companies.