Tricks & Tips On How To Pick The Best Industrial Label Printers

As a maintenance manager, you surely understand the importance of having the right industrial label printers in your workplace. These printers are highly efficient for indirectly improving the safety of a visual workplace. Label printers are essential for creating signs and labels for the 5 Guide. They are also vital for printing pipe marking labels and arc flash labels.

For you to get the best out of a label printer, you need to do your due diligence before shopping for the right product. As you read further, you’ll discover a few tricks on how to pick the right industrial label printers for your company.

Factors to consider when buying industrial label printers

  1. Purpose

The first essential factor to consider when buying industrial label printers for your company is “their purpose”. So, the real question is; why exactly are you interested in creating heavy-duty labels for your company?

  • Is your company considering creating heavy-duty labels for pipe markers?
  • Are you printing the labels for arc flash?
  • Is your company looking to create signs and labels for 5S?
  • Are you interested in creating safety slogans for the company?

Today, industrial label printers can be utilized for different purposes. The bottom line is you need to consider your specific needs when buying a suitable printer. If you’re looking to use printers every day to create high-quality, large-format multicolour labels and signs, the Duralabel Kodiak printer is a good choice.

  1. Quality & Durability 

Quality and durability are two other essential factors you need to consider when buying industrial label printers. Be sure that the printers you’re opting for are designed with sturdy and high-quality materials. The secret is to look for top brands, such as Duralabel when shopping for highly durable and quality printers for 5S and arc flash.

  1. User friendly

Nothing beats buying a label printer that’s easy to use. The best product in this category is any industrial label printer that can work smoothly with any type of word-processing software. In a situation where the original labelling software is not available, your employees will still be able to work with the labeller.

Bottom line: a user-friendly label printer will bring little or no issues when in use. The operators should be able to use it even if its original software is faulty or missing.

  1. Your budget

Today, there are many different heavy-duty label printers available out there. Interestingly, all of them have varying prices, depending on their brand and quality.

First, you need to keep in mind that the best printer isn’t the most pricey or cheapest printer in the market. Some of the best Duralabel Industrial Label Printers, which you can shop for on Archford, fall within the range of $1,500 to $7,000.

Benefits of the best industrial label printers

The best industrial label printers, such as Duralabel Kodiak and Duralabel Toro Max, offer tons of benefits for companies. You can use these heavy-duty printers in the following areas:

  1. 5S Labelling

As a maintenance manager, you sure understand what 5S means to your workplace. If you’re just getting started with this system, you can check Archford to download the right 5S guide for your workplace.

5S systems are essential for organizing your workplace and removing organizational waste. To achieve this, you need labels. This is where the importance of 5S labelling comes into play. With the best industrial label printers, you can easily create heavy-duty 5S labels for sorting and organizing your tools.

  1. Arc flash

For your employees to know how hazardous your tools and equipment are, they need to study the arc flash guide. This way, they can easily identify electrical risk levels and use the best practices to avoid issues.

Arc flash isn’t complete without labels. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E, labels help to communicate any potential electrical hazards and risks that your employees may be exposed to. You can print these labels only with heavy-duty industrial label printers.

  1. Labels for pipe markers 

Pipe marking is very essential to prevent accidents in any organisation. When pipes are properly marked, employees and contractors can easily get essential information to improve their safety.

Labels are essential parts of pipe marking. With standard labelling, employees will be aware of the type of pipes they’re carrying or working with, including their potential risks and hazards. With a good industrial label printer, such as Duralabel Lobo, it becomes very easy to create clear and high-quality labels for pipe marking.