Trendy Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2021

There are a few trends that pop up for home design every year. However, it has drastically changed this 2021 — especially for the kitchen. There are tons of technological advances and new social dynamics that have contributed to the modern kitchen. Apart from that, concepts have also been modified due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is why planning for a kitchen remodel is very important. Luckily for you, we’ve listed down the best trendy kitchen renovation ideas that you can take inspiration from. From tips on buying home appliances for sale to clever storage solutions, these latest kitchen trends have proven to be useful. Plus, they are incredibly achievable too. Keep reading to learn more! 


Dedicated Space for Business

Did you recently establish a food business during the pandemic? Many successful home food businesses these days rely on a supportive infrastructure to function. 


If you want your business to thrive throughout COVID-19 and beyond, then it’s probably time to optimize your kitchen. Your current setup may still be working for you, but making a few changes will make your business processes more efficient.


You don’t need a big space for this. What matters is grounding a dedicated space for all your food business matters. Set aside your appliances, ingredients, and set up some storage solutions. 


This initiates organization — so that your personal matters don’t bleed into your business. It allows you to concentrate, mentally gets you into work mode, and lessens home distractions. 


Coffee Areas

With people spending time at home more, they are also setting up their very own coffee area. Recipes and different takes on coffee are shared everywhere on social media nowadays!

So, if you miss going to coffee shops, this is perfect for you. Plus, it saves you so much time AND money. All you need is a coffee maker, good beans, and you’re good to go. There are different kinds of coffee makers nowadays that offer great value for money. Some are even built-in with a grinder, so you don’t have to purchase a separate machine to grind your beans.


And if you’re feeling creative, you can even purchase some syrups of different flavors and aesthetic glasses for that ultimate coffee shop experience. 


Minimalist Look 

Minimalism has been popular for years now. However, it is mostly applied to living rooms and personal spaces. Because most are cooking at home more, minimalism is on the rise for kitchens as well.


Minimalism doesn’t only involve incorporating neutral color palettes and furniture, it also refers to decluttering objects and appliances. For example, more are purchasing multi-functional appliances. It saves time more time, money, and kitchen space. 


Mixing Metals

Another design that is on the rise for kitchens nowadays is luminous metallic. It offers comfort to the kitchen, making it feel more chic and sophisticated. Apart from this, metals warm up the whole atmosphere — especially when paired with white and black. 


Convenient Appliances

As stated above, most homeowners are investing in more convenient appliances. Sure, one certain appliance does its job, but did you know that certain appliances can serve many purposes? For instance, a multi-cooker can steam rice, cook soup, boil meat, and steam food. Or, an air fryer can cook your favorite dishes faster and easier — without compromising quality. All you need to do is pop the meat inside the appliance, wait for a few minutes, and serve. It minimizes the usage of multiple pans, and ingredients as well. 


Another good appliance to invest in is a dishwasher. You can save a large amount of time with this. It simply washes your dishes for you. There are countless affordable dishwashers nowadays that are surely worth the purchase. 


Pantries or Storage Solution Cabinetry

Have a spare room at home? Whether you’re a food entrepreneur or a homeowner that purchases a bunch of food that needs to be stored, having a pantry at home is extremely convenient. It promotes organization, minimizes clutter, and offers a dedicated space for food. 


Key Takeaway

A kitchen remodel might just be the best thing you can do for your home this year. It won’t only upgrade your home aesthetic, but it will also make your day-to-day more convenient than ever. Let these trends serve as design ideas for your kitchen renovation this 2021. Whether it be buying home appliances for sale or setting up a dedicated space for your new business venture, these ideas combine the best in convenience, functionality, and style to create the best kitchen.