Most Trendy Cover Templates for Facebook to Look Out

Facebook cover templates pictures serve as an efficient tool to ensure individuality in your public brand/business page. They create a monumental visual effect as it’s the foremost thing viewers see on your page, so it is only fair to be creative and careful with it.

An appealing Facebook cover picture can make a significant difference. Research reported 79% of businesses/brands assessed observed a hike in engagement as a result of getting their cover altered creatively. Still, it’s not a matter of sole numbers. 

It should be noted that your Facebook cover photo is never just a digital billboard; hence brands should attempt to be inclusive and link it to their community.

Why Use Cover Templates for Facebook?

You should never overlook constantly verifying and adhering to Facebook’s Cover Picture Guidelines to ensure you do not overstep any boundaries. If in any case, your cover picture violates any of the pre-set conditions, Facebook has the right and authority to dismiss or shut down your account, so be cautious not to add or promote any deceiving, ambiguous, or copyrighted data.

There are several interesting and eye-catching trends that have entertained Facebook for quite some months now. Yet some templates have remained consistent and presented great results by drawing high volumes of user attention and strengthening a brand’s image. We have mentioned below some of these trendy cover templates that you can utilize to ramp up your Facebook game.

1. Adding Quotes

A quotation is seen as an efficient way of brand expression or the concept of the offered services or commodities of the brand. The motive of the selected quote might be varied – to make viewers giggle, entertain them, a reminder of something crucial, notify or motivate them. 

2. Innovative Collages

Picture collages can be used as a creative Facebook cover template in case you want to narrate a tale or document your journey in a single photo, showcasing the gradual progression of your business or showing several pictures at once. Adding a collage as your cover photo certainly grabs the attention and garners the interest of onlookers. 

3. Humorous Take

Engage the page visitors in your world right away or just capture their attention with humorous and random cover pictures for your Facebook page. For instance, over the past few years, Old Spice started including several silly and amusing elements to their brand image, which is instilled in their Facebook cover as well. 

4. Adding a Video

Facebook has newly launched the option to insert a shared video clip in a cover picture. In case you are unable to figure out what innovation you should include in your Facebook cover photo, you now have the impressive alternative of using a striking clip.

5. Advertise new Product or Service

The most appreciated and viewed cover pictures for Facebook pages are usually the ones where brands/businesses position their attention on a specific star or most purchased product for promotional motives.

Estee Lauder implemented this model and laid its brand image by advertising its most famous product in the cover photo. The brand presented the series of shades offered and showed shots of models with varying skin undertone colours after and before the application of their foundation.

6. Promote your work

If an individual is advertising themselves as an artistic entity on Facebook, the perfect cover pictures for them are the ones that showcase their work and their skills as an artist.

Several upcoming, as well as seasoned artists, exhibit their stunning artwork and unique art style on Facebook through their cover photos.

This compels the user to visit their page and have an instant desire to discover more of their work and watch them patiently. Thus, Facebook Cover Templates that showcase the artwork of artists and boasts of their skills are an appreciated trend pattern on the social media platform.

7. Innvlove Colour Gradients

The colour gradient template comes amongst the most revered trends in 2021 which you should consider incorporating into your Facebook cover pictures if it aligns with your brand image and suit your aesthetic. These distinct Facebook covers tend to appear visually enchanting for most viewers.


Through the course of this article, we established the fact that Facebook cover photo designs are easy to use even for non-techie business owners. It is the most efficient alternative to craft profile cover photos as per your brand image and your priorities.

You can personalize the template designs by using maker tools like resume maker, flyer maker etc., include your symbolic pictures, select vibrant colours, adjust fonts, etc.

Compiling all this usually takes just a few minutes as several digital designing firms such as Designhill offer template designs that are fully adjustable and can be personalized by editing easily.

The Designhill Studio tool that functions online is very simple and hassle-free to operate and edit these template photos. With the assistance of such professional websites and apps, handling and maintaining a strong online presence becomes attainable.