Trending Hair Color Ideas for Women That Give You Attractive Look

There is no doubt that beautiful black and shiny hair adds beauty to the beauty of the woman. In the old times, women used many methods for hair maintenance and whitening, which actually made the hair dark, thick, strong and shiny but in today’s era Coloring your hair rejuvenates your entire personality. Today, it is not necessary that women use hair color only to hide white hair, but hair color is also becoming a fashion statement.
Many youngsters usually get one or two strands of hair dyed in their favorite color, which makes them look modern. If you want, you can also look young and beautiful by getting your hair colored; just you should have complete information related to hair color.


Hair color selection

Branded companies include Hair Color Brown, Dark Brown, Burgundy, Red, Gold, Chocolate, Cherry Brown and Natural Black. Nowadays, there is a lot of fashion in global youth in which the whole hair is streaked after coloring, ie if you get brown color then it is a good option to get it streaked with gold. In this, the hair is colored at a short distance.


Hair Color Type

Temporary Color – if you want to color it colorfully, then a thin layer of color is applied on the hair and after shampooing the color almost comes off.

Semi Permanent color – The color remains in the hair even after shampooing ten to twelve times after getting Semi Permanent color. This color penetrates deeply into the hair.

Permanent coloring – It means to dye the hair firmly. It does not have to be dyed for a long time after it is applied, but the white part coming out of the root of hair has to give a touch of color after every 14-15 days. One advantage of this is that there is no hassle of coloring on the whole hair. Choose color according to age and according to skin.

If you are young, you can use any bright color. If you are 40 plus then dark shed will be fine. By the way, dark brown is the best option for all ages. If you are white, select copper and red color. Burgundy is also a good option with dark color purple, red, light or dark brown.


Hair Color as per Skin & Eye Tone

If you want to do hair color or are thinking which hair color will look more beautiful on you, then you should know that you should do hair color according to your skin color and eye color. It is not necessary that the hair color that is looking good on a woman or a Bolly-wood actress will suit your hair too. 

Hair Streaks / Highlights: Getting the hair highlighted increases the hair color and also changes the look of the hairdresser. Highlighting your hair makes you look younger too. But do you know that highlights of all colors do not suit everyone’s face, especially on Indian colors. So it would be good that you keep some things in mind and get them highlighted again.

Red color: Red color is very much in trend, if you are a college going girl or a 40-year-old woman working in the office, this color will suit you a lot. All you have to see is that the color is in its right place.

Gray color: Gray color seems natural and it suits on people with dark colored hair. Only women above the age of 30 should try this color. Young girls will find this color bad and they will look older. Gray color looks good only when this color is applied on only one streak of hair.

Blue Color: If you are a very bold girl or your professional is very bold and you have the power to carry blue color then this color is made for you. The blue color shortens more on the hair.

Coffee Brown: This color is very good according to the Indian skin. People of this place have black hair, so if they get coffee brown color then it will look good on them. If you do not want to experiment with more colors then you can choose this color randomly.

Copper Color: You will not have to be of any age to get this color done. Some celebrities had also experimented with this color once and it suits them a lot

Global Hair Color:

Global hair color treatment can make you look beautiful in front of others. According to Indian skin tone, choosing hair color is more difficult than work. Indian women have different skin colors, so color selection should be as per skin tone only

Brown Color – It is a safe color. If your skin is cool, then you get mahogany color and if your skin is warm, make it brown.

Highlights and low lights – If you want to color your hair, then once highlights or low lights must be kept in mind. The hair color should be one or two shades light or dark with your skin tone. Doing this gives hair a new look Unnatural color – Blue, yellow, purple and red color hair color is very pleasing for girls going to unnatural color college. If you want to become a center of attraction in college, then do not try it, otherwise many people will definitely ask you why you chose this color.



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